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Bloomingdale's (Firm)

  • US.20181109-016
  • Corporate body
  • 1861 (date of establishment)

Bloomingdale's began in 1861 as a hoop-skirt shop run by brothers Joseph and Lyman G. Bloomingdale on the lower east side of Manhattan. Eventually moving to its current location at 59th and Lexington in 1886, the store is now an upscale department store featuring men and women's ready-to-wear, furnishings, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics. This interview takes place at the beginning of a period of drastic change at Bloomingdale's, including extremely high employee turnover, changes in ownership, and the effects of an overall retail slump at the end of the 1980s. After over a decade of major promotional activity at Bloomingdale's, the financial year and a half after this interview, in May 1988, Campeau Corporation bought Bloomingdale's parent company, Federated Department Stores in a highly publicized and notorious leverage buyout. It is interesting to note that at the time of this interview, Bloomingdale's President Marvin S. Traub was soon to receive the "Person Who Makes the Difference" award from FIT, even as the department store was heading into serious financial troubles. Saks Fifth Avenue found itself in a similar position when it received the same award four years later amidst its highly publicized sale.

Board of Trustees

  • US.20180702.070
  • Corporate body
  • 1951 (date of establishment)

The Board of Trustees of the Fashion Institute of Technology establishes policies governing the college. Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York, the Board appoints the college president, approves curricula, approves budgets, establishes tuition and fees within legal limits, and approves sites and facilities. It is responsible for the care, custody, control and management of the college’s physical facilities. The Board sets policies and delegates to the president or her designees the responsibility for implementing them, including personnel policies; the creation of divisions, departments, and administrative and academic positions; rules governing student conduct; the use of college facilities by outside organizations; the admission of students; and the preparation of the budget. The Board also has such other powers and duties as provided by New York law or prescribed by the SUNY Board of Trustees.

By State law, there are sixteen trustees: eight are appointed by the college’s local sponsor, through the New York City Panel for Educational Policy; seven are appointed by the governor, but must reside in New York City; and one, a student at the college, is elected by the other students of the college. Other than the student trustee, all trustees appointed after August 5, 2003 have seven-year terms; trustees appointed previously had nine-year terms. The student trustee serves for one year but has the same parliamentary privileges, including the right to vote, as the other members. The Board selects its chair from among its voting membership.The first Board of Trustees meeting was held on 1951 November 5 where all oaths of office were administered by Justice Charles D. Breitel, Justice of the Supreme Court, First Judicial District. Dr. Lawrence L. Jarvie served as the first and temporary chair and then Max Meyer served as the first elected chair. Also elected was Mortimer Ritter as President of the College. The first Secretary of the Board was Shirley Goodman. Minutes are produced as a result of each meeting. In the early days of the College, the Board met much more frequently, as often as once a month whereas now, the Board meets four (4) times per year.

Bohan, Marc

  • US.2018112.016
  • Person
  • 1926-

Marc Bohan was born in Paris on August 22,1926. His mother, a milliner, encouraged Bohan to go into fashion. Bohan's first design position came in 1945, when he began working as a design assistant at Robert Piguet. Throughout the late 1940s and 1950s, Bohan worked at a both Molyneux (1949-1954) and Patou (1954-1958). After leaving Patou, Bohan attempted to open his own house. Although notices of his first show were favorable, the venture failed due to lack of financial backing. The same year, Bohan began working for Christian Dior, designing their London line of suits. At the age of 35, Bohan replaced Yves Saint Laurent as Christian Dior's Chief Designer in 1960. Dior thrived under Bohan's direction and the company acquired a new generation of customers while maintaining its original, elegant base. Bohan left Dior in 1989 and from 1990 to 1992, he worked as fashion director for Norman Hartnell in London. As of late, Bohan lives in a 18th century house in Burgundy.

Bolton, Andrew, 1966-

  • US.20200715.017
  • Person
  • 1966-

Andrew Bolton (1966 - ) is a British-born Museum Curator. Bolton holds a degree in social anthropology from the University of East Anglia. Soon after graduating, Bolton was hired by the V & A Museum in London. Bolton worked at the V & A for nine years, before leaving for New York. In 2002, Bolton was hired as an Associate Curator of the Costume Institute. Three years later, he was promoted to Curator in Charge, following Harold Koda's retirement. While at the MET, Bolton has curated numerous shows, including Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (2011), China: Through the Looking Glass (2015), Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology (2016), and Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination (2018), the later being the museum's third most visited exhibition ever.

Bonney, Thérèse, 1894-1978

  • US.20181012-017
  • Person
  • 1894-1978

Thérèse Bonney was an American photographer and journalist working in France during the 20th century. Bonney was born around 1894 in Syracuse, New York. She first came to France in 1919 as part of the first intercontinental student exchange program. Two years later, Bonney received her PhD from the Sorbonne. As a journalist, she covered both the Russian campaign in Finland and later, the Nazi occupation in France. She was a member of the French resistance. After the war, Bonney wrote a column for Le Figaro and founded the first American illustrated press in Europe. Thérèse Bonney passed away in Paris on January 15, 1978 at the age of 83.

Boodey, Web

  • US.20200923.005
  • Person

Web Boodey was a professor working in the Social Science Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Boodey began working at FIT in 1964 doing administrative work related to student community service.

Bosworth, Patricia

  • US.20200404.042
  • Person
  • 1933-2020

Patricia Bosworth is an American biographer. She began a career in acting, studying with Lee Strasberg in the late 1960s. (Jane Fonda was one of her classmates and Bosworth would later write a biography of the actress.) Bosworth began writing biographies in the late 1970s.


  • US.20200923.008
  • Corporate body

Botany Mills (textile company), Botany 500 (menswear and suit brand)

Bouché, René, 1905-1963

  • US.20200715.018
  • Person
  • 1905-1963

René Bouché was born in Prague September 20, 1905. While in school, Bouché began drawing fashion illustrations for French Vogue, and would continue to do so for most of his life. Bouché is best known for his portraits. Truman Capote, Jean Cocteau, Mrs. William Paley, Lady Astor, and the Duchess of Windsor all sat for him. In addition to painting, Bouché designed stage sets. Bouché passed away in 1963 at the age of 57.

Boutet de Monvel, Bernard

  • US.20190412.005
  • Person
  • 1881-1949

Artist Bernard Boutet de Monvel was a respected painter, engraver and illustrator. He was one of the core contributors to Gazette du bon ton referred to as the "Beau Brummells of the Brush," but his statuesque, often-emotionless beauties are found in other fashion publications such as Journal des dames et des modes, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. After the war, he also worked as a society portraitist and interior designer in Europe and the United States.

Bow, Clara, 1905-1965

  • US.20180702.020
  • Person
  • 1905-1965

Clara Bow was an American actress who got her start in silent film in the 1920s and successfully made the transition to talkies in 1929. She was nicknamed "The It Girl" following her globally renowned role as a shopgirl in the 1927 film It.

Boxer, Leonard

  • US.20200328.013
  • Person
  • [1923]-2009

Leonard Boxer was born in the Bronx, New York, around 1923. After serving in the U.S. Army during WWII, Boxer worked for fashion manufacturers. In 1976, Boxer answered an ad in WWD and became a founding partner of Liz Claiborne Inc. At Liz Claiborne, Boxer was responsible for dealing with overseas management. Boxer left Claiborne in 1985. In addition to his work in the fashion industry, Boxer taught pattern making at the Mayer School of Fashion Design. Leonard Boxer passed away in 2009 at the age of 86.

Boyd, Harvey

  • US.20180702.083
  • Person
  • 1942-1994

Harvey T. Boyd was a fashion illustrator, art teacher and painter, working in New York City. Boyd designed for Elizabeth Arden and worked with the Estée Lauder company. From 1968 until his death in 1994, Boyd taught in the art department at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Bozett, John Paul

  • US.20190403.001
  • Person

John Paul Bozett was a fashion designer and illustrator working in the mid-20th century. He was a sketch artist associated with Sophie of Saks Fifth Avenue

Braetan and Braefair, Inc.

  • US.20200923.007
  • Corporate body
  • 1964-1998

Braetan and Braefair, Inc. was a leather manufacturer in New York. The company was in business from 1964 to 1998.

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