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Fashion Institute of Technology-SUNY, Gladys Marcus Library, Special Collections and College Archives Claire McCardell collection, 1927-1975
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Department Store Advertisements, 1947-1948

This folder contains advertisements for retailers such as B. Altman & Co., Bonwit Teller and Lord & Taylor, as well as for fabric manufacturers. It includes examples of McCardell's swimwear, day and evening wear.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Photographs, 1938-1943

This folder contains photographs of McCardell's designs, several of them have relevant newspaper clippings attached. Also in the folder are pictures of McCardell receiving the Mademoiselle Merit Award, 1943.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Claire McCardell collection, 1927-1975

  • US NNFIT SC.38
  • Coleção
  • 1927-1975

The collection includes Claire McCardell's sketches and illustrations as a student, as well as sketches, newspaper and magazines clippings, correspondence, advertisements, invitations to fashion-related events and original photographs from her career as a fashion designer.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Professional records, 1929-1975

Professional work. Tear sheets and clippings; advertisements; correspondence; press releases; original sketches; original photographs. All relating to her work as a successful fashion designer for over two decades.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Press Coverage, 1972-1975

This folder contains news paper clipping from Fashion Week, the national news paper of retailing from November 13, 1972. It describes a retrospective fashion show of McCardell's designs, organized by American Designer Rudi Gernreich, 1922-1985. Also in this folder is a newspaper clipping from 1975 featuring a sundress designed by McCardell in 1946.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Press Coverage, 1928-1956

This folder contains original magazine and newspaper clippings spanning from the early days of McCardell's career as a fashion designer to the end of it. In the folder are examples of the wide range of her designs and the unique American Sportswear style she created.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Tear Sheets, 1928-1944

This folder contains Xeroxes of tear sheets and clippings. Several document her 1930-1940 stint at Hattie Carnegie's couture house

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Design Clippings, 1942-1943

This folder contains Xeroxed clippings of McCardell's designs including swimwear, daywear and examples of her warp dress and other styles that have become her signature over time. Also in the folder are several profile articles of the designer herself and her collections.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Design Clippings, 1948-1949

This folder contains Xeroxed clippings, some relating to the contest "Maid of Cotton" of which McCardell was a judge that year. Also in the folder are many examples of swimwear and resort designs. It is interesting to note this folder also contains fashion report from Paris and several clippings referring to Dior's New Look, highlighting the discussion in the American market and Media with the comeback of Paris couture after the war.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Design Clippings, 1949-1950

This folder contains Xeroxed clippings, including McCardell's bathing suit featured on the cover of Life Magazine. Also in the folder are clipping regarding McCardell's men's wear design for an event related to the Costume Institute exhibition "Adam in the Looking Glass" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and several clippings relating to her collection of pleated dresses.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Design Clippings, 1950-1951

The Xeroxed clippings in this folder show the wide range of McCardell's designs at the time, including swimwear, knits, day dresses, evening gowns and even Children's wear.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

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