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Academic Affairs records
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Administrative records

Documents describing the planning, formation, and implementation of various oral history projects administrated by the FIT Library and other FIT departments. Includes meeting minutes, class documents from John Touhey's oral history studies, histories, and documentation. Bulk of the content relates to the Oral History Project of the Fashion Industries series within the Oral History collection.

FIT Oral histories project

This oral history collection contains close to 400 interviews of prominent 20th-century fashion industry insiders, including Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne, Princess Grace of Monaco, and Vera Maxwell, as well as members of the FIT faculty and staff. This collection of in-depth interviews with individuals in every segment of the fashion business creates a broad historical record that is drawn directly from the knowledgeable, informal, and often colorful verbalization of its practitioners. FIT's Oral History Project is a unique record of facts, ways and means, points of view, practice and personality that could be preserved in no other way.

Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Gladys Marcus Library

Interview of Irene Buchman, 2019 October 30

Professor Irene Buchman is interviewed by Karen Trivette on October 30th, 2019. Buchman opens up about how she did not have a vision growing up and how that vision eventually came to fruition through her educational experiences and people she had met along the way. Eventually, she started in the Remedial Department at FIT and established the Department of Educational Skills. She continues to discuss the students of FIT, her experience as Dean of Liberal Arts, and her future plans.

Buchman, Irene

Interview of Peggy and Arthur Winters, 2019 June 25

On June 25th, 2019, Dr. Arthur Allen Winters and Prof. Peggy Winters are interviewed by Karen Trivette, where they discuss and recall their childhoods, greatest influences, and how they arrived into their current careers. Arthur and Peggy Winters are active in brand image research as well as content development for fashion companies worldwide.

Winters, Arthur

Fern Mallis interview, 2019 July 10

Phyllis Dillon speaks with Fern Mallis about her career in the fashion industry. Mallis discusses her time as a young woman working in the coveted Guest Editorship position at Madamoiselle magazine, and her time living at the Barbazon Hotel for Women. She goes on to discuss her time working for the magazine as an employee in her years after college, and the other jobs she took after leaving Madamoiselle. She then describes how she learned about the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), what led up to her being hired by them, and her development of New York Fashion Week. She discusses how vastly the industry has changed due to the rise of the prevalence and influence of technology, and issues with sustainability and how detrimental the fashion industry is to the environment. She finally speaks about her time on the FIT Board.

Mallis, Fern

Interview of Taur Orange, 2019 September 11

Taur Orange, Director of the Office of Educational Opportunities Programs at FIT, is interviewed on September 11th, 2019 by Karen Trivette, Head of Special Collections and College Archives at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Taur Orange discusses EOP, a new SUNY admissions program which provides help for young people dealing with life challenges to have an opportunity to do postsecondary education. She shares her journey into her career and looks back on some of her successes.

Orange, Taur

Linda Tain interview, 2019 April 24

Alex Joseph, Managing Editor of FIT's Hue Magazine interviews Linda Tain, a long-time professor in FIT's department of Fashion Design. Linda Tain talks first about her childhood, and how her life led towards the fashion industry and FIT. Tain reminisces about some of the students she studied with in the 1950s at FIT, including Antonio Lopez, Randy Fenoli, and others who have influenced her throughout her life, as well as the different teaching techniques from then to now. She then recounts her first jobs as an illustrator at Ingenue Magazine, Glamour, and Macy's with Esther Larson, and continues to talk about the development of her career as a fashion illustrator throughout the 1960s and 1970s. She then talks about her becoming a full-time professor at FIT in 1983, how Lou Stollar convinced her to become involved in the union, and how her time as the union's Grievance Officer was very active in the 2000s. She also goes into detail about the uniqueness of FIT's union contract initially created by Lou Stollar and Marvin Feldman. She speaks a bit about her book Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers, and then delves into how FIT and the fashion industry have changed from 1963 to 2019.

Tain, Linda

Interview of Michael Stanley, 2019 June 26

Phyllis Dillon interviews Michael Stanley about the history of Rosenthal & Rosenthal, a commercial financing company that has supported the fashion industry since 1938, where he works as Director of Factoring. He goes on to describe their current work. They discuss how the service of factoring is used in the fashion industry, and how the business of fashion has changed over time. Mr. Stanley also discusses how he got into the business, and his subsequent enjoyment of his work. He finally discusses his long time involvement with the FIT Foundation Board.

Stanley, Michael

Susan Rietman interview, 2019 February 20

Alex Joseph, Managing Editor of FIT's Hue Magazine interviews Susan Rietman, a professor from FIT's Textile Service Design and Fabric Styling program. Susan recalls her childhood and how her life led to fashion, particularly how a serigraphy course led her into the field textiles. She talks about her mother's designer clothing collection that she has kept, and about her move to New York right after college in 1961. Her first job was with Leslie Tillet at "D.D. and Leslie Tillett" where she helped him design bathing suits, and custom fabric, including fabrics for the 1964 American Worlds Fair pavilions. She talks about her freelance work with Jack Lenor Larsen, and the shoe company she worked on with the Tillets called Shoe Fou, which led to her work for Magnin. She then talks about how she began teaching for the Textile Department at FIT in 1966, a year before the union was introduced, what the college looked like, as well as what the students were like at that time (beehive hairdos, patent leather mascara, classroom smoking), and how things have changed. She recounts her time as acting dean, and the transition the textile department made to using digital technology. She discusses her husband's art book store Jaap Rietman, and how she kept the books after the store closed. She finally discusses the first sustainable project conducted in the Textile program called SOS, Save our Surface, and about a book she's writing about a journalist's archive that was donated to her.

Rietman, Susan

Roberta Elins interview, 2019 May 16

Alex Joseph, Managing Editor of FIT's Hue Magazine interviews Roberta Elins, Professor in FIT's Advertising and Marketing Communications program, and President, United College Employees of FIT.

Elins, Roberta

Albert Kresch interview, 2018 December 5

In this interview, Mr. Kresch recalls his 95 years of life, including his childhood in Brooklyn, what inspired him to get interested in art, his student relationship with the artist Hans Hofmann, his time in the air corps during WW2, and his time at FIT, Parsons, and Pratt working as an art professor.

Kresch, Albert

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