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Apparel Industry - Labor I, 1972-1981
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · folder · 1972-1981
Parte di Academic Affairs records

Photocopied, pasted, and laminated articles concerning labor issues within the apparel industry, including articles from Barron's and California Apparel News.

Press Coverage, 1972-1975
US NNFIT SC. · folder · 1972-1975
Parte di Claire McCardell collection, 1927-1975

This folder contains news paper clipping from Fashion Week, the national news paper of retailing from November 13, 1972. It describes a retrospective fashion show of McCardell's designs, organized by American Designer Rudi Gernreich, 1922-1985. Also in this folder is a newspaper clipping from 1975 featuring a sundress designed by McCardell in 1946.

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US NNFIT SC.214.7.1 · folder
Parte di Eleanor Lambert collection, 1943-2003

This folder contains one black and white photo of a woman modeling jewelry labeled en verso "Luciana Pignatelli-Avedon/Hold".

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Ideal Scrapbook, Clippings, f.2of3
US NNFIT SC. · folder · 1910s-1925
Parte di Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Article entitled "Studies in Smartness" written by Miss Violet Vanbrugh as well as a Christmas card and a Business card. One program from an exhibition of Gera Mills' fabric used in garments made by Vionnet, Lelong, Patou, Paquin, Cheuir, Premet, Renee, Doucet, Doeuille, and Bernard. 1-Two page spread (pp. 18-21) from the December 22, 1925 issue of Women's Wear Daily; amusements page and a page dedicated to fur fashion, with advertisements and columns about the popular furs of the time.

Catalogs, 2000's
US NNFIT SC.332.3.2.1 · folder
Parte di Stephen Burrows collection, 1969-2012

This folder contains catalogs and accompanying materials relating to the MCNY Exhibition: Stephen Burrows: A Retrospective, along with other materials relating to runway shows.

McCall's patterns
US NNFIT SC.332.5.1 · folder
Parte di Stephen Burrows collection, 1969-2012

This folder contains six McCall's patterns of Stephen Burrows designs from the 1970's. Garment patterns range from loungewear and wrap dresses to complete outfits with separates.

Tear sheets, 1963-1970
US NNFIT SC.490.3.1 · folder · 1963-1970
Parte di Anneliese Kapp collection, 1963-1998

This folder consists of tear sheets from the New York Times dating between 1963-1970 depicting fashion illustration advertisements by Anneliese Kapp.

Book Proposal Drafts Vita
US NNFIT SC.149.1 · folder · undated
Parte di Elizabeth Hawes papers, 1967-1970

This folder contains two different versions of a manuscript entitled "Not That Fashion's Gone to Hell" and a undated photocopy of an Joseph Magnin ad.

Senza titolo
Press, 1936-1953
US NNFIT SC.147.2.1 · folder · 1936-1953
Parte di Margé Studios collection, 1919-1953

This folder contains a short biography of Madame (Marguerite) Marge and press clippings, photographs, and fabric samples related to her 1936-37 Javanese Batik collection.

Press, 1939-1956
US NNFIT SC.100.1.1 · folder · 1939-1956
Parte di Robert Dudley collection, 1932-1979

This folder contains original press clippings and press photographs related to Robert Dudley and hats he designed and sold, dating between 1939-1956.

Reynaldo Luza, 1940-1942
US NNFIT SC.369.1.1 · folder · 1940-1942
Parte di Harper's Bazaar Fashion illustrations, 1940-1942

This folder contains 18 fashion illustrations produced by Reynaldo Luza that consists of garments and accessories: (hats, gloves, belts, umbrellas and shoes) Some illustrations are labeled Bergdorf Goodman on the back.

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Press (1986-2011)
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · folder · 1986-2011
Parte di Academic Affairs records

This folder is comprised of miscellaneous press clippings dating from 1986 to 2011.

Photographs - FIT
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · folder · undated
Parte di Academic Affairs records

This folder is comprised of 5x7 color prints of FIT students and their designs in class and in progress design photos.

QVC sales
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · folder · undated
Parte di Academic Affairs records

This folder is comprised of QVC print outs of designs, price lists, and sales.

US NNFIT SC.FITA. · folder · undated
Parte di Academic Affairs records

This folder is comprised of reference materials including museum and exhibition brochures, fashion calendars, and reference from brands such as Sacha Pacha.

Symposium records
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · folder · 2005
Parte di Academic Affairs records

Includes the advertising flyer, schedule of events, papers, and presentations delivered at the 2005 Symposium "Building Style" which occurred on Saturday, May 6, 2005 from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Ten Graduate Students from the School of Graduate Studies delivered presentations. Each presenter's paper and presentation is represented. Keynote address, "Soft Structures," was given by Michelle Fornabal, but her presentation is not included in the file. The names of the presenters and the title of their presentations contained in this folder are: Mary P. Jarvis, "Solving for (x): Drafting the Language of Fashion & Architecture;" Katherine M. Hill, "The Sinuous Line: Art Nouveau Fashion and Architecture;" Marianne Brown, "In Vogue: Edward Steichen at Condé Nast's Apartment;" Jennifer Kay Holley, "Seeing Hats: Millinery and Architecture Through the Lens of Fashion Photography."