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Archival description
Andrew Geller, 1969-1970
US NNFIT SC. - 1.9 · sub-series · 1969-1970
Part of Arsho Baghsarian shoe design collection, 1963-2008

The Andrew Geller sub-series contains a total of 756 original color sketches in 6 folders. The year information is not available in this subseries. Thus, the time range of it is also supplied according to Baghsarian’s biography history. In this subseries, the shoe types include pumps, flats, sneakers, sandals and boots.
The sketches in this sub-series feature women day-ware integrating comfort and youthfulness. The predominantly used element is still the bulky heels, which is merged naturally into the design of pumps, pump sandals and flats. Besides that, other decoration elements presented in this sub-series include the use of vibrant colors, metal buckles and strong color contrast.

Baghsarian, Arsho
Annual reports
US NNFIT SC.FITA.3.1.2 · sub-series · 2001-2002
Part of Academic Affairs records

This sub-series includes annual reports for the office of academic affairs.

Arsho for Shoebiz, 1979-1986
US NNFIT SC. - 1.28 · sub-series · 1979-1986
Part of Arsho Baghsarian shoe design collection, 1963-2008

The Arsho for Shoebiz contains a total of 594 sketches in 7 folders. As another subordinate product line in Shoebiz, Arsho for Shoebiz aims at a younger customer group with a lower market price. As the first product line with Ashro’s name, it bears a special meaning in Arsho’s career.
The sketches of this sub-series are original. This product line contains women footware for all occasions. One feature contained in this sub-series is the hand-woven shoes. Recalled by Arsho, during shoebiz period, these delicate hand-woven shoes were manufactured by their French cooperators, which were very popular among their customers at that time.

Baghsarian, Arsho
Arsho for Stuart, 1987-1995
US NNFIT SC. - 1.50 · sub-series · 1987-1995
Part of Arsho Baghsarian shoe design collection, 1963-2008

The Arsho for Stuart sub-series contains a total of 1975 sketches in 22 folders. Compare to other sub-series in the series, Arsho for Stuart houses the most colorful sketches, whose amount is approximately 1000 in total.
As a subordinate product line in Stuart Weitzman, Arsho for Stuart aimed to target a younger and more diverse consumer group. A variety of feminine characteristics are employed in this sub-series. Ornaments such as lace decorations and ribbon bows are widely used. The functionality valued by Arsho is also represented in this sub-series. The design of high-heel shoes accounts for a very small portion in the sub-series. The feminine quality is realized by the combination of delicate details and textiles.

Baghsarian, Arsho
US NNFIT SC.328.1.1 · sub-series
Part of Robert Simon Newey collection, 1956 - circa 2016

This sub-series is comprised of fifty-nine black & white photographs of Newey's work as a window dresser and display artist for Bonwit Teller, Greneker Manikin Co., NYC, Zarin Display Co, NYC, Lord & Taylor, the Singer Sewing Machine Pavillion at the 1964 New York World's Fair and Saks Fifth Ave. All but three photos are sized 8x10".

US NNFIT · sub-series · 1918-1925
Part of Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Bound scrapbook with articles written by Lady Duff Gordon or about Lucile, Ltd. from 1919, and 4 folder of photocopies of these articles to protect against further deterioration. Articles are the product of a clipping service with multiple copies of the same few articles from different publications.

Construction documentation
US NNFIT SC.FITA.0.3.2 · sub-series · 1957
Part of FIT general historical material

Random assortment of photographs showing building construction related events and activities. Images of proposed buildings. Most photographs are undated, but appear to be from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Correspondence, 1860-2010
US NNFIT SC.125.2.4 · sub-series · 1860 - 2010
Part of Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010

This folder contains copies of partnership and loan agreements from 1879, correspondence pertaining to the 1926 Centennial and a list of supporting banks dating back to 1914 (list created in 1926).

Dorothy Shaver, 1945-1959
US NNFIT SC.125.2.8 · sub-series · 1945 - 1939
Part of Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010

This subseries contains biographical information, speeches, correspondence, press clippings, and photographs of Dorothy Shaver, president of Lord and Taylor, 1945-1959.

Graduate catalogs, 1988-2019
US NNFIT SC.FITA.3.5.2 · sub-series · 1988-2019
Part of Academic Affairs records

Graduate catalogs provide information about graduate academic programs, including curricula and course descriptions. Graduate catalogs also provide information about admissions and tuition as well as the general history of the college and its campus. Some of the catalogs also include academic calendars, information about student life, information about internships or career options, lists of graduate faculty, and application materials.

I. Miller, 1963-1969
US NNFIT SC. - 1.5 · sub-series · 1963-1969
Part of Arsho Baghsarian shoe design collection, 1963-2008

The I.Miller sub-series contains a total of 691 sketches in 4folders, all of which are original color sketches. The specific year information is not available in this subseries, but the year range can be deduced from Arsho Baghsarian’s biography history (she designed for I.Miller from 1963 to 1968). The shoe types in this subseries include sandals, flats, pumps, thongs, and very few boots. Based on the dominant shoe forms contained in this subseries, these sketches should belong to spring and summer seasons.
One of the notable characteristic of this subseries is the wide adoption of bulky heels. The element is merged into the design of pumps, pump sandals and flats, which gives this subseries a character of casualness. Additionally, the integration of feminine elements, such as flower and bow ornaments, endues a mixed quality into this subseries.

Baghsarian, Arsho
US NNFIT SC.1.3.33 · sub-series · 1800s
Part of Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

85 fashion plates from a disbound scrapbook. Fashion plates are prints of engravings dating as far back as 1811. Some are very carefully colored, as if by someone with vision problems. The scrapbook was titled "McHorter"; Evelyn McHorter was Lucile Ltd. employee under Lady Duff Gordon, and took over the artistic control after Lucile left. [25 Model photographs and 4 Lucile sketches were moved to a different parts of the collection, please see the Archivist Note 2 for new location]

US NNFIT SC.125.2.7 · sub-series · 1880 - 2000
Part of Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010

This subseries contains Booklets and internal press coverage on Lord and Taylor's history. Booklets cover the timeline of Lord and Taylor, various buildings occupied in New York, Dorothy Shaver, and corporation meetings.