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Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925
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Sketches, drawings, Fall 1917/Spring 1918

Disbound scrapbook, 63 sketches, from "Sketches of Models Autumn 1917 Spring 1918". Ensembles are named and numbered according to the sequence in the line. Sketches are drafted in pencil, painted in gouache, and detailed in pen, executed...

Sketches, Wedding Gowns, 1920s, v.72

Loose 40 sketches, wedding gowns from the 1920s (old-volume 72), in 2 folders Sketches numbered .1 to .40. Executed in a variety of styles by multiple artists that can be recognized throughout the collection, at least seven distinct artists. Mostl...

Sketches, Coats and Wraps, circa 1920-1925, v.75

Loose 91 sketches of Coats and Wraps bulk from mid-1920s, (old-volume .75). In addition to the original drawings there are black and white photocopies of sketches [See: --US.NNFIT.SC. for originals] from late mid to late 1920s; many of th...

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