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Museum at FIT records
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Correspondence by Richard Martin

This folder contains:"The Scandinavian Touch" Exhibition Invitational Letter, 1982;"The Undercover Story" Exhibition Invitational Letter, 1982 with 2 attached photocopied Magazine Clippings;"Willy Maywald" Exhibition ...

Museum at FIT

Artisan Space: Experimental Furniture

Informational Exhibit Letter and 2 invitations regarding "An Exhibition of Works by Eight American Textile Artists: Infrastructure" 1983; 1 Brochure and invitation about "Experimental Furniture: The Architect's Alternative&quo...

Museum at FIT

Silks from the Palaces of Napoleon

5 Brochures, "A Lecture Series in Conjunction…" invitation, and 2 Magazine Clippings: Daily News Record, December 2, 1983; New York Times, December 14, 1983.

Museum at FIT

Erté Exhibit

3 Magazine Clippings: "Erte Exhibit" DNR, March 2, 1983; "A Show of Indian Tepees" New York Times, Oct. 6, 1983; "A Touch of the Fancy from the Plains - Tepees" New York Times, Oct. 5, 1983

Museum at FIT


Poster and a Magazine Clipping: DNR November 7, 1983.

Museum at FIT

Transforming City Space

Poster and Information Folder: Brochure, Press Release Letter, 3 photographs of installation, Brochure Insert, 3 documents detailling exhibit details

Museum at FIT

Promotional materials

This series contains promotional materials ranging from exhibition schedules to informational inserts.

Museum at FIT


Magazine Clipping regarding "Snoopy: Putting on the Dog" Exhibit from Footwear News July 23, 1984.

Museum at FIT

Adminstrative records

This series contains adminstrative records ranging from exhibition lists to inter office letters.

Museum at FIT

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