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American Designer Series showings Spring 1970 correspondance

This folder contains fashion forecast for Spring 1970, general press releases and press releases for specific designers including: Ceil Chapman, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior-New York, David Evins, Anne Fogarty, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Anne Klein, Herbert & Beth Levine, Leo Narducci, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Sarmi, Sheffield Watches, Jerry Silverman, Stavropoulos, Jacques Tiffeau, Cadoro, Donald Brooks, Brigance Waterclothes, Alyssa and Warner.

American Designer Series showings Fall 1972

This folder contains showing schedules, correspondance, press clippings and list of attendees pertaining to the Fall 1972 American Designer Series showings. Designers participating in these showings include: Adele Simpson, John Anthony, Something! By Oscar de la Renta, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Donald Brooks, John Weitz, Trigere, Monsanto, Anne Klein and Co., Malcolm Starr, Calvin Klein, Willie Woo, Geoffrey Beene, Kimberly Knitwear, Oscar de la Renta, Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman, Papillon, Victor Joris for Cuddlecoat, Ralph Lauren for Polo, Bill Blass, Originala, Grace Jane Treber, Ship 'N Shore, Stan Herman, Alan Phillips for Jeremy, Pat Sandler, Neo Narducci, John Kloss for Cira, Claudia and George Halley, Victor Costa for Suzy Perette, Sarmi, Dimitri of Italy, Jim Baldwin for Young Elegant and Halston.

American Designer Showings Spring 1973 releases

This folder contains the Spring 1973 fashion forecast and press releases for specific designers' Spring 1973 collection including: Brigance Waterclothes, John Anthony, Geoffrey Beene, Bill Blass, Donald Brooks, Stephen Burrows, Bonnie Cashin, Oscar de la Renta, Halston, Victor Joris for Cuddlecoat, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Kimberly, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, La Banque Continentale, Herbert and Beth Levine, Leo Narducci, Originala, Mory Sussman for Mollie Parnis, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Jerry Silverman, Adele Simpson, and Pauline Trigere. Also contained are 8x10" black and white press photos, most with text press releases attached, for Victor Joris for Cuddlecoat.

American Designer Showings Spring 1974 forecase and releases

This folder contains the fashion forecast for Spring 1974, , the intercoiffure American beauty forecast for Spring 1974, and press releases for La Banque Continentale and individual designers including: Adri, John Anthony, Bill Blass, Brigance Waterclothes, Oscar de la Renta, Luis Estevez, Joe Famolare, Halston, Bill & Hazel Haire for Friedricks Sport, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Kimberly, Anne Klein, John Kloss, Albert Nipon, Leo Narducci, Mollie Parnis Boutique, Gloria Sachs, Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman, Adele Simpson, Trigere, and Goldworm.

American Designer Showings Fall 1974 releases

This folder contains press releases and correspondance pertaining to the Fall 1974 American Designer Showings series as well as press releases for the 1974 Coty American Fashion Critics' Awards, Fashion Capital of the World, Inc. and specific designers Fall 1974 collections including: Adri, John Anthony, Geoffrey Beene, Stephen Burrows, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, Estevez, Goldworm, Halston, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Kimberly, Donna Karan, John Kloss, Ralph Lauren, Albert Nipon, Pendleton, Priscilla, Bill Kaiserman for Rafael, Clovis Ruffin, Eve Orton, Arnald Scaasi, Alexander Shields and Calvin Klein. Also included are two copies of a transcript of a talk given by Alice Fordyce, Vice President of The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation as well as correspondance and bills regarding photography and slides for this showing.

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