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Theatrical Costumes, 1953-1955

Volume 17 includes coverage of Mainbocher's costume designs for Rosalind Russell in "Wonderful Town;" the cast of "Point of No Return;" the cast of "Kind Sir" starring Mary Martin; the cast of "The Prescott ...

Marine Uniforms, 1952

Volume 14 has articles all about Mainbocher's designs for the women marines. In August 1952 he debuted a wardrobe of six different ensembles. It was the first time in history women marines had their own dress blues (the counterpart of the blu...

Uniforms: Girl Scouts and Red Cross, 1948

Volume 11 contains mostly coverage of Mainbocher's designs for the Girl Scouts and Red Cross volunteers in 1948. The new Girl Scout uniform was introduced in August. It was the first time in 20 years it had been changed. It was a green cotton...

Women's Wear: Fall/Winter 1951; Spring/Summer 1952; Fall/Winter 1952; Spring Summer 1953; Designs for Mrs. Fleur Cowles's wardrobe for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth; Miscellaneous coverage of his designs for socialites

Volume 15 includes coverage of Mainbocher's four biannual collections from Fall 1951 to Spring 1953. In the Fall 1951 collection he presented front-fullness in skirts and used both wool and lace for evening. For Spring 1952 he stressed beauty...

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