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Arsho Baghsarian shoe design collection, 1963-2008
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Shoestring, 1979-1982

The Shoestrings sub-series contains a total of 741 sketches in 7 folders. The folder with an estimated year (1980’s) contains 82 original sketches, half of which are designs for handbags and the rest are sketches for platform sandals and pumps. The handbags in this sub-series feature accessory usage bags such as evening bags and clutches. The rest of the original sketches are mainly the design of platform sandals and pumps. Baghsarian’s design for shoes comprise all types of women shoes for every occasion , which include sandals, flats, sneakers, boots, pumps and some accessories.
The shoes of Shoestring are appropriate for women of all ages, the material of the shoes, the delicate sequins detail, fragile ribbon ankle straps, friable rope wedge soles and porous canvas and mesh uppers, and their warm color palette of vibrant red, orange, green, canary yellow, hot pinks, bright whites and metallic suggest that they are intended for a relatively young consumer group. Baghsarian’s talent of utilizing various materials into shoe designing is exemplified in this sub-series again. The materials used in this sub-series include but not limited to calf leather, snake skin leather, suede, canvas, denim, metallic ornaments. Also, her sense of fashion and feminine characteristic create a distinct product line.

Baghsarian, Arsho

Arsho for Stuart, 1987-1995

The Arsho for Stuart sub-series contains a total of 1975 sketches in 22 folders. Compare to other sub-series in the series, Arsho for Stuart houses the most colorful sketches, whose amount is approximately 1000 in total.
As a subordinate product line in Stuart Weitzman, Arsho for Stuart aimed to target a younger and more diverse consumer group. A variety of feminine characteristics are employed in this sub-series. Ornaments such as lace decorations and ribbon bows are widely used. The functionality valued by Arsho is also represented in this sub-series. The design of high-heel shoes accounts for a very small portion in the sub-series. The feminine quality is realized by the combination of delicate details and textiles.

Baghsarian, Arsho

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