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Bem-vindo Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Museum
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Fashion is a Verb

This folder contains Letter of Invitation; Press Preview Letter; Press Release Letter; Brochure.

Museum at FIT

Promotional materials

This series contains promotional materials ranging from exhibition schedules to informational inserts.

Museum at FIT

Adminstrative records

This series contains adminstrative records ranging from exhibition lists to inter office letters.

Museum at FIT

Symposia records

This series contains symposia records ranging from 2004 to 2015.

Museum at FIT

Form Follows Fashion

This folder contains 2 brochures and a Press Release Packet containing: 1 Upcoming Exhibits at the Museum at FIT Insert; 1 FIT Press Release Letter "Forms Follow Fashion" 2004; 2 Copies of FIT Press Release Letter "Fashioning The M...

Museum at FIT

Glamour, Fashion, Film Fantasy

This folder contains 2 brochures and 1 magazine clipping: R.F.. "FIT Exhibits Celebrate Glamour." Women's Wear Daily. February 16, 2005.

Museum at FIT

Fashion, Italian Style

This folder contains 2 brochures and a "Special Edition Museums New York: Fashion, Italian Style" Magazine.

Museum at FIT

Night and Day

This folder contains 4 brochures.

Museum at FIT

Exit Lines, Exit Lines, Exit Lines

This folder contains 3 brochures about the Master of Fine Arts in Illustration Visual Thesis Exhibition Class of 2015.

Museum at FIT

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