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Sketches, Period Gowns, 1920s, v.74

Loose 50 sketches of period costumes from early 1920s, (old-volume .74), in 2 folders. Interpretations of historical costume, ethnic garments, and theatrical costumes. Sketches with titles like "Moyen Age", "Italian", "Egyptian" and "Hindu" (the latter has a note "for Miss Van Cliff"). According to notes on the drawings some designs are for stage productions: "Miss Claire Act I", "Act 2, Scene 2"; some of the designs are variations of the same outfit; some with swatches of fabrics attached. In the second folder (US.NNFIT.SC. there is a group of drawings of robes/suits of Chinese inspired pants and tunics that were bound in small portfolio, some of these drawings are signed by Dorothy, Barker, Alison, Mand T., one of them is stamped on verso with "Marie Cook 58 West 57th st.", and "Lucile Staff, Inc."

Sketches, Negligees and Pajamas, 1920s, v.73

Loose 118 sketches of evening gowns from 1920s, most from mid-1920s, one item dated 1925, (old-volume .71), in 5 folders. Sketches are numbered from .1-.110; drafted in pencil, painted with gouache, and watercolor, some detailed in pen. [doublecheck - Some signed - Mand T., Alison, Evelyn, Dorothy, Louise Schabacker, Ethel Rabin (reproductions), and illegible signature that starts with a pictogram made up of letters and ends with "dverton".] Several drawings are stamped with "Lucile Staff, Inc. 22 East 56th St." Drawing .84 has a note at the top right corner: that reads "Lelong, Fall 1925", in a drawing .103 woman holding a cigarette, .106 has note that reads "Mrs. Flora B. Cammeron, This design is for an orchid or violet gown. Please send sample of light weight silk and lace in three shades."

Sketches, Coats and Wraps, circa 1920-1925, v.75

Loose 91 sketches of Coats and Wraps bulk from mid-1920s, (old-volume .75). In addition to the original drawings there are black and white photocopies of sketches [See: --US.NNFIT.SC. for originals] from late mid to late 1920s; many of these sketches are signed by Ethel Rabin, who worked for Berley Studios, a fashion drawing subscription service. Some of the designs seem to be from mid 1920s. .33 has a note "Jean Patou Coat 1925". Cloche hat accessorises some of the designs. Of note are designs of textiles with patterns and embroidery of far east are focus of some of the designs - .45, .49, .52, .53, .62, this is not an exhaustive list) Few signed by Louise Schabacker; eight drawings stamped with "Lucile Staff, Inc" (.63, .64, .66, .67, .68, .69, .71, .72, .85) In many drawings a woman has a red hair. Some notes with customers' names "Evelyn McHorter Miss R. Beatly", "Miss Hopkins"; some carry notes regarding prices and materials .86 "Furr Extra Price $375."; last sketch .91 has a stage note "1st Act"

Directional folder x03

Directional folder contains 51 black and white photocopies of Coats and Wraps sketches from 1920's. Original sketches are glued in the 1916 scrapbook [SEE--US.NNFIT.SC. for originals]. Sketches come from Berley Studios (subscription service), signature of Ethel Rabin can be seen on some, but for the most part the Berley Studios imprint is covered by that of Lucile Ltd., in some cases the signature of Ethel Rabin (of Berley Studios) is scratched out or otherwise obscured. They seem to be color phototransfers, not original drawings.

Sketches, Theater costumes, Evening wear, 1920s, v.76

Loose 91 sketches (old-volume .76), in 4 folders. Early 1920s designs of theatrical costumes, evening wear, fancy dress, lingerie and swimwear. Designs are drafted in pencil and painted in gouache or watercolor. Many of the sketches are of theatrical costumes, some of the sketches are for nudity revealing garments. Eight drawings are dated and signed "Lucile 1921". A blond woman with golden hair appears drawn in some sketches. Among the artists recognizable throughout (Louise Schabacker, Mand T, etc.) one sketch signed "M. Willis". Some sketches indicate customer: third item in the first folder "Helen Lyons", .35 "Miss Martin", "For Miss Berry", "Madame Adelaide Fieldm...[illegible]". On several drawing note reads "fitted-gone", one has note "Mc?lan[illegible] says OK for stage". On several occasions several variations of the same outfit appear, as an example .55 and .57 are for the same dress, .39-.42 use same elements of costume in different ways.

Sketches, Theater gowns and costumes v.77, Evening wear, 1920s

Loose 93 sketches in 6 folders. 2 folders with 65 sketches of theatrical costumes from early 1920s, (old-volume .77), 28 sketches in 4 folders assembled from other parts of collection for better access. Sketches are drafted in pencil and colored in gouache, and some have swatches of fabrics. A note on .28 reads: "Sketches should be returned at the earliest possible moment. A charge of $6 will be made for each sketch that is not returned to me." Some intended clients' names noted: .31 "Miss Bebe Daniels" (she was an American actress, singer, dancer and producer), "Miss Julia Hoyt", "Miss Peterson". 5 identified Ziegfeld Follies sketches are in this container as well: "Directorie 1795-1800, "Gothic, "Russian". There are more of the same style sketches in another folder: "Sharrah" (two sketches have this name) ; "Louis XIV"; "Venetian"; and "Venice". Several sketches signed and dated "Lucile 1920", 1921 and 1922.

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