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Press Releases, 1928-1956

This folder contains Xeroxed press releases. Including examples Lord & Taylor, the New York Dress Institute and several radio broadcasts.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Sketches and Illustrations, Undated

This folder contains pencil fashion illustrations of mostly day dresses and knits, some have detailed hand written notes of style numbers, construction and fabric information. Also in the folder are some pencil sketches of architectural and figure...

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Christian Dior, 1963

This is the smallest sub-series in the collection, which contains one colorful original sketch. The shoe is predominantly bright red canvas heel with a gold buckle as decoration.

Baghsarian, Arsho

Andrew Geller, 1969-1970

The Andrew Geller sub-series contains a total of 756 original color sketches in 6 folders. The year information is not available in this subseries. Thus, the time range of it is also supplied according to Baghsarian’s biography history. In this su...

Baghsarian, Arsho

Arsho for Shoebiz, 1979-1986

The Arsho for Shoebiz contains a total of 594 sketches in 7 folders. As another subordinate product line in Shoebiz, Arsho for Shoebiz aims at a younger customer group with a lower market price. As the first product line with Ashro’s name, it bear...

Baghsarian, Arsho

Stuart Weitzman, 1986-2008

As the longest period in Arsho Barhsarian’s carrier, this Stuart Weitzman line exists as the biggest sub-series in this series, which contains a total of 13,597 sketches in 82 folders. The folders of earlier years (approximately before year 2000) ...

Baghsarian, Arsho

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