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American Designer Showings Spring 1975 releases

This folder contains press releases for specific designers' Spring 1975 collection including: the Spring 1974 forecast, Calvin Klein, Bill Blass, Stephen Burrows, Oscar de la Renta, The Denim Council, DDDominick, Luis Estevez, Famolare Shoes, Fashion Eyewear Group of America, Intercoirffure America, Jay Jaxon, Kasper for Joan Leslie, John Kloss, Ralph Lauren, Mary McFadden, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Albert Nippon, Mollie Parnis, Rafael, Gloria Sachs, Pat Sandler, Abe Schrader, Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman, Adele Simpson,and Ilie Wacs.

American Designer Showings Fall 1977

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the Fall 1977 collections of Calvin Klein, Monika Tilley, Richard Assatly, Don Sayers, Pendleton, Jean-Paul Germain, Bill Atkinson, Kasper, and Ralph Lauren.

American Designer Showings Fall 1981

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the Fall 1981 collections of Leal, Mary McFadden, Yonson Pak, Pendleton, Joseph Garguilo for Abe Schroeder, Halston, Smith-Kollmar, Aimee Blacker for Stanley Blacker, John Anthony, Adri, and Julio.

American Designer Showings, color slides, 1975

This folder contains color slides of studio photographs of garments from 1975 by John Anthony, Albert Capraro, Oleg Cassini, James Daughtry, Denim Council, Oscar de la Renta, Halston, Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, Kaiserman/Rafael, John Kloss, Gloria Sachs, Ralph Lauren, Pat Sandler, Malcolm Starr, Silverman and unspecified designers.

Amercam Designer Series showings Spring 1969 schedules

This folder contains correspondance and showing schedules for the American Designer Series showings for Spring 1969. Designer participating include: Scaasi Knits for Tannel, Helen Lee, Alyssa, Anne Klein and Co., Jacques Tiffeau, Bill Blass for Maurice Rentner, Mollie Parnis, Mallory, Trigere, Geoffrey Beene, Anne Fogarty, Sarmi, Bill Blass, Oleg Cassini, John Weitz, Adele Simpson, Jerry Feder of Anne Klein for Mallory, Beverly Moyer and Bill Denatale for Gino Charles, Herbert and Beth Levine, Adolfo Hats, Warner Slimwear, Chester Weinberg, Stan Herman for Mr. Mort, Stavropoulos, Mr. John, Mister Pants, Lynn Stuart, Pantsville, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Kimberly, Christian Dior-New York, Florence Esiseman, Victor Joris for Cuddlecoat, Olga, Burlington Industries, Betty Carol for Mam'selle, Pat Sandler, Gayle Kirkpatrick, Elinor Simmons for Malcolm Starr, Steven Brody and Daniel Stoenescu for Cadoro Jewelry, Sheffield Watches, Donald Brooks, Son Simonelli for Modelia, George Halley, Leo Narducci, Victor Costa for Suzy Perette, Roxand for Samuel Winston, Oscar de la Renta, Arthur Doucette for Paul Parnes, Oleg Cassini.

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