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US NNFIT PERS.HFC.BTYT · Raccolta · 1959-1975

This collection is comprised of forty books and 7 folders of Beryl Tucker Young Trends Inc.'s historical forecasts and newsletters for October 1959 through January 1975. Includes cloth color samples, swatches, silhouettes, trends, and shoes for girls and boyswear.

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Designer runway slides, 1980 - 1989
US NNFIT SC.449 · Raccolta · 1980-1989

This collection is comprised of 5 boxes which house 53 folders containing photographic slides of different designer's fashion shows from the 1980s.

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Mainbocher collection
US NNFIT SC.396 · Raccolta · 1938-1976

The bulk of this collection, which was donated by Nancy White in the early 1980s to the FIT Library, consists of 49 scrapbooks relating to Mainbocher, with additional correspondence written by Mainbocher, Nancy White, and Carmel Snow.

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Steven Stipelman interview, 2022 May 31
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · Unità documentaria · 2022 May 31
Parte di Academic Affairs records

In this interview, Karen Trivette interviews fashion illustrator Steven Stipelman about his career as a fashion illustrator and his work at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Jamel Shabazz interview, 2014 January 6
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · Unità documentaria · 2014 January 6
Parte di Academic Affairs records

April Calahan, Curator of Manuscripts at the Special Collections and College Archives unit of the Fashion Institute of Technology library, interviews street style fashion photographer Jamel Shabazz. Mr. Shabazz talks of his life growing up in New York City as a child of divorce. He recalls how he started learning photography in Germany while serving in the armed forces. He began documenting his world in 1980 when he began taking photographs of young people who reminded him of his own life growing up, and found his camera facilitated his ability to engage with and mentor young people. He talks about the importance of mentorship, the trust that he honed between him and his subjects. He discusses how discounted clothing was often purchased from stores around Delancey and Orchard streets in the 1970s as well as other hubs where urban fashion originated from. He compares the photographic work he's done in the studio to his preference to shooting on the street. Calahan and Shabazz review the specific processes behind a number of Shabazz's favorite photographs. He finally discusses his respect for FIT, and his reasons for donating a collection of photographs to FIT's archive, and how important he believes photography is for documenting history. Alex Joseph, editor of Hue Magazine, joins in as interviewer to ask Mr. Shabazz about his personal clothing collection, which consists of pieces he designed himself or has kept over several decades, and which he uses in his fashion shoots. Finally, Mr. Shabazz recalls how fashion has changed over time.

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A. Beller & Co. sketch collection, 1914-1929
US NNFIT SC.146 · Raccolta · 1914-1929

This collection is comprised of A. Beller & Co. sketches for womenswear designs, 1914 - 1929

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Georges Lepape illustrations, 1912-circa 1920
US NNFIT SC.477 · Raccolta · 1913- circa 1920

This collection consists of two matted pochoir prints:
-one depicting the torso of a woman in a pink ensemble holding a blue feather, limited edition, 19/30, 1913-1914
-one depicting two woman and one man viewing prints on paper, original 1912, print 1920

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US NNFIT SC.488 · Raccolta · 1912 - 2017

This collection contains catalogs and almanacs produced by the Parisian department store Le Bon Marché.

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Anneliese Kapp collection, 1963-1998
US NNFIT SC.490 · Raccolta · 1963 - 1998

This collection is comprised of original fashion illustrations and other related materials documenting the work of illustrator Anneliese Kapp.

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Runway show slides collection
US NNFIT SC.497 · Raccolta · 1970 - 2010

This collection is comprised of 1170 folders containing color slides of runway show(s)s, between the years 1970 and 2010, of a variety of designers, arranged in alphabetical order.

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Nicole Emmerich Teweles papers, 1948-1950
US.NNFIT.SC.493 · Raccolta · 1947 - 1950

This collection contains training materials for Bloomingdales used by Nicole Emmerich Teweles as well as drafts and final copies of the Tobé Report, where Teweles was a Junior Editor.

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Pierre Simon sketch collection, 1950-1975
US NNFIT SC.195 · Raccolta · 1950-1975

Sketches by three fashion designers collected by Pierre Simon. 248 of the drawings are by Pierre Balmain (198 b/w and watercolor and 49 b/w pencil sketches). Collection also includes 1 black white drawing each by Christian Dior and Elsa Schiaparelli.

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Ford Models Inc., 1936-2014
US NNFIT SC.478 · Raccolta · 1936-2014

This collection is comprised of 32 folders containing the archives of the Ford Models, Inc. There are press clippings from 1936-2012, correspondence, public relations, Eileen Ford's speeches and book manuscripts, the Ford Book look books, as well personal information. Additionally there is more detailed information about Ford Models, Vendela, and Ted Dawson.

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US NNFIT SC.478.11.5 · sub-series
Parte di Ford Models Inc., 1936-2014

This sub-series contains professional and personal photographs related to the Ford model, Ted Dawson.

Personal papers
US NNFIT SC.478.11.4 · sub-series
Parte di Ford Models Inc., 1936-2014

This sub-series contains personal papers related to the Ford model, Ted Dawson from 1936-1991

Ted Dawson, 1936-1991
US NNFIT SC.478.11 · Serie
Parte di Ford Models Inc., 1936-2014

This series contains press, public relations, correspondence, personal papers and photographs related to the Ford model, Ted Dawson.

Press, 1995,
US NNFIT SC.478.10.1.4 · folder
Parte di Ford Models Inc., 1936-2014

The folder contains press about the Ford model, Vendela, from 1995 and undated circa 1990s