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Fashion Designers--History
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Ben Gershel, 1959

This folder contains a press release about Charles Francis (president) and Robert Knox (designer) of Ben Gershel, and one 8x10 black and white photograph of a coat look from 1959.

Philippe Guibourge, 1971

This folder contains 3 copies of a biography of designer Philippe Guibourge of Miss Dior America, 2 8x10 black and white portraits of the designer (5 copies total), and a summary of the Spring/Summer 1971 Miss Dior Collection.

Guilherme Guimaraes, 1965

This folder contains 6 black and white 5x7 runway photographs, a program of a charity fashion show featuring the Guilherme Guimaraes Winter collection, and correspondence pertaining to this fashion show from 1965.

Bill + Hazel Haire, 1974

This folder contains biographies of Bill and Hazel Haire, the press release for the Fall 1974 Friedricks Sport collection designed by Bill and Hazel Haire, and 5 copies of a black and white 8x10 portrait of Bill Haire.

Sandy Head, 1981

This folder contains a clipping from the February 9, 1981 New York Times that features an article about fashion designer and Mademoiselle editor Sandy Head's line of clothing for full-figured women.

Hiroko, undated

This folder contains 7 copies of a press release and 8x10 black and white portrait of designer Hiroko, as well as a newspaper clipping that mentions a Hiroko jacket and skirt.

Carole Hochman for Chevette, 1974

This folder contains several copies of a biography of Carole Hochman, designer for Chevette lingerie and Christian Dior lingerie and loungewear, from August 1974, as well as proof sheets and 8x10 black and white prints of portraits of Carole Hochm...

Walter Holmes

This folder contains a biography of London designer Walter Holmes, 2 copies of "Designer's Hotes on his Fall '65 Collection by Walter Holmes," and a newspaper clipping announcing the Fall 1965 collection.

Carol Horn

This folder contains 2 copies of a press release announcing that designer Carol Horn now has her own company, Carol Horn's Habitat, and a black and white 8x10 portrait of the designer.

Chuck Howard + Peter Wrigley, 1965

This folder contains 4 copies of a black and white 8x10 photograph of Chuck Howard and Peter Wrigley of the Anne Klein Studio "Mark of the Lion" menswear division, and a newspaper clipping from 1965 that discusses Chuck Howard's wor...

Irene Galitzine

This folder contains 12 black and white 8x10 photographs, courtesy of Bill Farrel, of hats designed by Don Marshall, Emme, Miss Alice, Frank Olive, Tom Hann for Mr. Kurt Jr., Mr. John, Adolfo Realities, and Bob greene for Irene of New York.

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