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Museum at FIT records
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Museum at FIT records

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  • 1948-2019

The Museum at FIT records are arranged into six (6) series; they are Administrative records, Exhibition records, Promotional material, Symposia records, Correspondence, and Fashion Culture records.

Museum at FIT


2 "A Quick Look by the Fashion Institute of Technology" Brochures dated December 11, 1969.

Museum at FIT


Women's Wear Daily Magazine Clipping Friday, May 14, 1971

Museum at FIT

Three Women: Madeleine Vionnet, Claire McCardell and Rei Kawakubo

This folder contains multiple magazine clippings (copies): Newsweek, June 5, 1972; (3 copies) Vogue, August 1987; (3 copies) The New York Times, March 1987; (3 copies) The New Yorker, March 1987; Vogue, March 1987; (3 copies) The New York Times, February 1987; (3 copies) "Fashion Heroines"; (3 copies) The Village Voice, March 1987. In addition to the magazine clippings, there is an exhibit brochure; a Certificate of Merit; Press Release Folder (with letters and photos); 2 copies of the press release; Letter of Invitation with attached New Yorker article from March 16, 1987; Gallery Map Brochure Insert; 4 invitations; Madeleine Vionnet Exhibit Description Document.

Museum at FIT


This folder contains 3 brochures; "About the Artist" Insert; "Antonio Retrospective" Exhibit Profile 1975; 1975 Private Opening invitation; Letter correspondence between Antonio Lopez and Nancy Yedlin (College and Community Relations Director) 1975; Letter correspondence between Trish Reilly (New York Times) and Nancy Yedlin (College and Community Relations Director) 1975; Letter correspondence between Ann Barry and Nancy Yedlin (College and Community Relations Director) 1975; Letter correspondence between Milton Schwartz (Dulong Importers) and Nancy Yedlin (Coordinator Information Services) 1975; Previous Archivist Note; "Antionio Recent Works" Press Release 1980; Exhibit Speech/Introduction Letter; "Fashion from Puerto Rico" Event Ticket for Nancy Yedlin, 1988; "Fashion from Puerto Rico" invitation addressed to Nancy Yedlin, 1988; President Feldman's Welcoming Remarks for "Fashion from Puerto Rico" Event, 1988; "Fashion from Puerto Rico" Exhibit List/Description;"Fashion from Puerto Rico" Program, 1988; 2 Magazine Clippings: Daily News, April 17, 1988; Daily News, April 4, 1988.

Museum at FIT

Paul Poiret

Invitation, 5 Brochures and multiple Magazine Clippings including: Women's Wear Daily, May 26, 1976; Vogue, Aug. 1976; 2 copies of Visual Merchandising, Aug. 1976; New York Times, May 26, 1976; New York Times, June 13, 1976.

Museum at FIT


3 Invitations; 4 Brochures, Openings Introduction Speech; Playbill Fashion Supplement Magazine, 3 Clippings: New York Times, November 24, 1976; Women's Wear Daily, October 28, 1982; Chicago Tribune, December 6, 1976; and an exhibit checklist that includes a listing of Museum personnel.

Museum at FIT

Oversized Items

This archival box contains a folder that holds all of the oversized materials from various folders within the Exhibition records (US.NNFIT.SC.FITA.10.2). These items are:

Bernadine Morris. "Hall of Fame Exhibition: Fashion in a Cozy Setting." The New York Times. October 9, 1976.

Bernadine Morris. "Homage to Poiret, Who Put Theater in Fashion." The New York Times. May 26, 1976.
Phyllis Feldkamp. "Yesterday's fashion fits today." The New York Times. June 13, 1976.
"Paul Poiret: A Time-stopper Exhibit." Vogue. August 1976.

Bernadine Morris. "Honoring Galanos in Retrospect: 25 Years in the Lap of Luxury." The New York Times. November 24, 1976.

Eugenia Sheppard. "A History of Fashion on Parade." The New York Post. June 6, 1977.
Bernadine Morris. "A Look at How Women Have Bowed to Fashion's Demands." The New York Times. June 7, 1977.
[Photos of people attending FIT's "The Look" exhibit]. Women's Wear Daily. June 8, 1977.
Bill Roeder. "Helen Hayes: Victoria redux." Newsweek. June 20, 1977.
N.F. Karlins. "Dressing Up with the Look." East Side Express. September 1, 1977.

Linda Amster. "Simpsoniana on Display." The New York Times. November 15, 1978.

Robert Riley. "The Age of Innocence: Three Centuries of Children's Clothing." American Fabrics and Fashions. Winter 1979.
Liz Rittersporn. "Children of Another Age." The Daily News. November 27, 1979.
Anne-Marie Schiro. "Children's Clothes from All Ages." The New York Times. November 28, 1979.
"200 Years of Children's Fashions." America's Textiles R/B Edition. January 1980.
Charles Passy. "FIT Show: The Age of Innocence." Chelsea Clinton News. February 7, 1980.

Bernadine Morris. "Clothes From a Petticoat Past." The New York Times. May 22, 1979.

Roslyn Siegel. "Patterns on Fabric: Subject of Three Shows." The New York Times. April 3, 1980.

"Vladimir Kagan: A Retrospective. The New York Times. April 17, 1980.

Charles Kriebel. "Fortuny's Textile & Costume Designs Due for FIT Exhibit." Home Textiles Today. April 1981.
Anne-Marie Schiro. "A Fashion Institute Exhibition for Fortuny." The New York Times. April 15, 1981.
Virginia Stiles. "Timeless Fortuny Fashions on Exhibit." Intimate Fashion News. May 18, 1981.

"'Textile Treasures' at the Fold Art Museum and F.I.T." Sew Business. April 1981.

Theresa Reilly. "A Salute to Givenchy: F.I.T. to show designs from 3 decades." Apparel South. March/April 1982.

"FIT's new 'Undercover Story': Showing intimate apparel from the 1780s on." Stores. November 1982.
"Changing Shapes of Lingerie Seen in FIT Exhibit." Intimate Fashion News. November 1, 1982.

"Erte Exhibit." DNR. March 2, 1983.

Peter J. Fressola. "Playing 'Haus'." DNR. November 7, 1983.

Mark Sullivan. "FIT Meets Playbill." Women's Wear Daily. May 23, 1984.
P.J.F. "Fete Accompli." Daily News Record. May 23, 1984.
"FIT Museum to Show '50 Years of Fashion'." Women's Wear Daily. July 16, 1997.

J.D. Kidd. "113 Years of Shiseido." Women's Wear Daily. September 13, 1985.

“Tennis Anyone?” New York Apparel News. June 1985.

6 American Fabrics and Fashions Brochures

Kevin Haynes. "FIT: Triangle remembered." March 12, 1986.
Justice Vol LXVIII No. 3. March 1986.

"2 symposiums on denim scheduled for FIT." Women's Wear Daily. March 19, 1987.

Gallery map brochure insert

"A Macy's Party And a tribute To Swimwear." The New York Times. July 8, 1990.

D.C. Denison. "Richard Martin." The Boston Globe Magazine. February 18, 1990.
"Sartorial Celebrations." The New York Times. January 31, 1991.

Anne Bratskeir. "Patterning an Industry." Newsday. February 27, 1997.

"The Look"

Bochure and 5 Magazine Clippings including: Women's Wear, June 8, 1977; Newsweek, June 20, 1977; New York Post, June 6, 1977; Wigs, Hats & Accessories, June 20, 1977; The New York Times, June 7, 1977; East Side Express, September 1, 1977

Museum at FIT

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