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US NNFIT SC.413 · collection · 1920-1946

This collection consists of photographs, press clippings, exhibition brochures, personal papers, and sketches that relate to the career of Austrian artist Vally Wieseltheir.

Wieselthier, Vally, 1895-1945
US NNFIT SC.FITA.4.3.2 · sub-series
Part of Enrollment Management and Student Success records

Student publications include WFIT TV and radio broadcasts, W27 (student newspaper), Portfolio (yearbook), Creative Showcase, student handbooks, Coloring Book, Icon Magazine, and Blush.

US NNFIT SC.FITA. · item · circa 1988
Part of Academic Affairs records

Robert L. Green interviews photographer Karl Gernot Keuhn about his life and career as a photographer. They spend a considerable amount of time discussing Gernot Keuhn's project photographing elderly female Hollywood celebrities, and view photographs taken by Keuhn.

Kuehn, Karl Gernot, 1940-
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · item · circa 1980s
Part of Academic Affairs records

In this interview, Robert L. Green interviews costume and fashion designer Bob Mackie about his life and career. They discuss his methods and his experiences with specific projects and the costume industry. They discuss their experiences with Edith Head, as well as Mackie's work with a wide variety of celebrities.

Mackie, Bob
US NNFIT SC.479 · collection · 1990-2021

This collection contains the art, film, published zines and unpublished works by Ethan H. Minsker created betweeen 1990-2021.

Minsker, Ethan H., 1970-
Halston portrait, circa 1989
US NNFIT SC.489 · collection · circa 1989

This collection consists of a single framed portrait of Halston taken by his niece Lesley Frowick.

Frowick, Lesley
Video collection
US NNFIT SC.491.1 · series · 1978-2006
Part of Zandra Rhodes collection, 1978-2006

Videos about Zandra Rhodes and her fashion designs including television appearances, fashion shows, museum visits, and interviews. Some were choreographed or directed by Derek Jarman and Ron Link. Some interviews are with Joan Agajanian Quinn.

US NNFIT SC.125 · collection · 1826-2010

This collection contains scrapbooks and company records related to the Lord and Taylor department stores, primarily focused on the original stores in New York City. The scrapbook series consists of unbound pages of newspaper and magazine clippings of Lord and Taylor stores in New York City and the greater New York Area. Company records include advertising, photographs and illustrations of Lord and Taylor buildings, company catalogs, press releases and clippings, as well as internal company histories authored by Lord and Taylor. A small subseries relates to biographical information and photographs of former Lord and Taylor president Dorothy Shaver.

Lord & Taylor
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · item · 2019 April 24
Part of Academic Affairs records

Alex Joseph, Managing Editor of FIT's Hue Magazine interviews Linda Tain, a long-time professor in FIT's department of Fashion Design. Linda Tain talks first about her childhood, and how her life led towards the fashion industry and FIT. Tain reminisces about some of the students she studied with in the 1950s at FIT, including Antonio Lopez, Randy Fenoli, and others who have influenced her throughout her life, as well as the different teaching techniques from then to now. She then recounts her first jobs as an illustrator at Ingenue Magazine, Glamour, and Macy's with Esther Larson, and continues to talk about the development of her career as a fashion illustrator throughout the 1960s and 1970s. She then talks about her becoming a full-time professor at FIT in 1983, how Lou Stollar convinced her to become involved in the union, and how her time as the union's Grievance Officer was very active in the 2000s. She also goes into detail about the uniqueness of FIT's union contract initially created by Lou Stollar and Marvin Feldman. She speaks a bit about her book Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers, and then delves into how FIT and the fashion industry have changed from 1963 to 2019.

Tain, Linda
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · item · 2022 May 31
Part of Academic Affairs records

In this interview, Karen Trivette interviews fashion illustrator Steven Stipelman about his career as a fashion illustrator and his work at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Stipelman, Steven
US NNFIT SC.424 · collection · 1939-2008

This collection contains a diverse assortment of business and personal items pertaining to French-born fashion designer Pauline Trigère dating to 1939 - 2008 and encompassing the period of her New York fashion career, retirement and after her death in 2002. It includes fashion and personal photographs, marketing materials, tear sheets, correspondence, scrapbooks, original illustrations, packaging, (including hang tags and labels), two hand-drafted paper patterns, and philanthropic records, (including records of her involvement with the Fashion Institute of Technology). In addition to paper items, the collection includes her awards, various types of media such as slides, slide carousels and videocassettes, as well as fragrance bottles and packaging for her perfume Liquid Chic, Trigère brand hosiery in original packaging, three pairs of Beth Levine shoes, two suitcases, and a rustic La Tortue house-sign.

Trigère, Pauline
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · sub-sub-sub-series · 1977-2011 bulk 1977-1990
Part of Academic Affairs records

The Oral History Project of the Fashion Industries began informally in the late 1970s, and was officially funded by a grant from the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries beginning in 1981. The project was guided by an industry advisory committee chaired by Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, Jr., and was largely guided by then director of the Gladys Marcus Library at FIT, John Touhey.

US NNFIT SC.FITA. · item · 2011 June 24
Part of Academic Affairs records

In this interview, Anka reflects on her career as a professional model, working first in Paris and then the Unites States during the 1960s and early 1970s. Anka begins by discussing her heritage and family background, and her childhood in Egypt. Anka explains how she began modeling when she was 17 years old and recounts beginning her career as a model working in Paris with many notable 20th century fashion photographers. Anka discusses meeting Eileen Ford in Paris and how Ford took Anka under her wing once she moved to New York in 1959. Anka reflects on her experiences living with the Ford family and working as a Ford model, mentioning key bookers and agents who worked with her in New York. Anka discusses meeting, dating, and marrying singer Paul Anka, retiring in the early 1970s, and raising 5 daughters. Guided by Sicular, Anka reviews her portfolio and shares stories surrounding a few of her favorite photographs and photographers. Sicular makes a point of focusing on Anka’s composite card (13:50), explaining how in a pre-digital industry the card functioned as model’s primary means of promotion. At the end of the interview, Anka speaks on the phone with her former booker, Rusty Donovan Zeddis.

Anka, Anne
US NNFIT SC.111 · collection · 1590 - 1960

Miscellaneous fashion plates, sketches, and photographs from various sources. The fashion plates from unknown or miscellaneous publications consist of various styles and techniques of printmaking in both color and black and white. Fashion sketches in pencil, marker, or watercolor on paper represent designs available from department stores and miscellaneous designers. The fashion photograph series includes people in fashionable dress for varying purposes, including advertisements.

unknown creator(s)
US NNFIT SC.484 · collection · 1911 - 1912

This collection consists of postcards with color lithograph fashion illustrations by Mela Koehler and Edouard Joseph Wimmer-Wisgrill on the face and Wiener Werkstätte graphics on the reverse. From a series of six designs by Koehler created on the occasion of a Wiener Werkstätte fashion show held in April 1911; cards number 518A, 519-522 and 523B. Wimmer-Wisgrill cards are numbered 865 and 868.

Koehler, Mela
US NNFIT SC.336.2 · item · circa 1920
Part of Rosine perfume fans, circa 1920

This is a paper and wood fan created to promote perfume created by Paul Poiret's perfume company Rosine. The front bears a brightly colored naïve landscape seen through a yellow fence created by a student in the École Martine. The rear is segmented and printed radially with the names of the Rosine perfumes. A red sticker on the back of the fan indicates that it was scented with the perfume "Le fruit défendu."

US NNFIT SC.336.1 · item · circa 1920
Part of Rosine perfume fans, circa 1920

This is a paper and wood fan created to promote perfume created by Paul Poiret's perfume company Rosine. The front bears a brightly colored naïve landscape seen through an arbor tunnel created by a student in the École Martine. The rear is segmented and printed radially with the names of the Rosine perfumes. A red sticker on the back of the fan indicates that it was scented with the perfume "L'Etrange Fleur."

US NNFIT SC.336 · collection · circa 1920

Two paper and wood promotional fans for the French perfume company Rosine, which was founded by couturier Paul Poiret in 1911. Printed on both sides, one side with abstract botanicals and the other side with the name of the company and a selection of perfumes. Each fan bears a red sticker with the name of a single perfume. The fan would have been scented with that perfume. The fans were part of a series promoting different fragrances. Advertisements, the perfume bottles, and associated products like perfumed cards or fans were all part of Poiret's merchandising artistry.

Parfums de Rosine (Firm)
US.NNFIT.SC.493 · collection · 1948 - 1950

This collection contains training materials for Bloomingdales used by Nicole Emmerich Teweles as well as drafts and final copies of the Tobé Report, where Teweles was a Junior Editor.

Teweles, Nicole Emmerich
US NNFIT SC.492 · collection · 1940 - 1961

This collection is comprised of original fashion sketches, illustrations and costume design sketches as well as limited amounts of educational ephemera, correspondence and tearsheets.

Bernay, Beryl