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Fashion Institute of Technology-SUNY, Gladys Marcus Library, Special Collections and College Archives Fashion designers
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Claire McCardell collection, 1927-1975

  • US NNFIT SC.38
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  • 1927-1975

The collection includes Claire McCardell's sketches and illustrations as a student, as well as sketches, newspaper and magazines clippings, correspondence, advertisements, invitations to fashion-related events and original photographs from her career as a fashion designer.

McCardell, Claire, 1905-1958

Jeanne Campbell, 1955, 1967

This folder contains two black and white 8x10 photographs of designs by Jeanne Campbell of Sportwhirl from October 1955, a biography and 2 black and white 8x10 portraits of Campbell from 1955, and one black and white 8x10 photograph of a Jeanne Campbell of Sportwhirl design from Fall 1967 with description in German.

Gino Charles, 1966-1968

This folder contains clippings, press releases, a History of the Firm, and a memo pertaining to Gino Charles as well as 34 black and white 8x10 fashion photographs from Gino Charles's Fall 1966, Resort 1966-67, Fall 1967, Holiday and Resort 1967-68, Spring 1968, Summer 1968, and Fall 1968 collections.

Michael Dayan, 1966

This folder contains a clipping from the May 17, 1966 Women's Wear Daily that introduces Michael Dayan as a new member of the "New York couture."

Dimitri, 1976-79

This folder contains a biography of menswear designer and tailor Pietro Dimitri, 7 copies of a black and white 8x10 portrait of him, 6 copies of the Piero Dimitri for Dimitri Couture Fall-Winter 1976 collection, as well as the press release, list of looks, and 4 black and white 8x10 photographs of menswear looks from the Spring/Summer 1979 Dimitri Fashions for Ratner collection. This folder also contains a biography of Betsey Johnson adapted from Newsweek and a photocopy of sketches from 1971.

Emme, 1960s

This folder contains biographies of milliner Emme, two black and white 8x10 portraits, and a letter to Eleanor Lambert about the closure of her account.

Fabrice, undated

This folder contains a black and white 8x10 photograph of debutante Cornelia Guest in a dress for her 18th birthday by designer Fabrice.

Ferreras, 1963-1964

This folder contains press releases and several black and white 8x10 photographs of coats, dresses, and suits from the Ferraras Spring/Summer 1963 and Fall/Winter 1963/1964 collections, as well as several small negatives from F/W 1964, unidentified strips of negatives, and a press release for the Spring/Summer 1964 collection.

Elanora Garnett, 1947-1948

This folder contains notes and correspondence pertaining to designer Elanora Garnett and the press release for Elanora Garnett's first New York collection, Fall and Winter 1947-48.

Guilherme Guimaraes, 1965

This folder contains 6 black and white 5x7 runway photographs, a program of a charity fashion show featuring the Guilherme Guimaraes Winter collection, and correspondence pertaining to this fashion show from 1965.

Hiroko, undated

This folder contains 7 copies of a press release and 8x10 black and white portrait of designer Hiroko, as well as a newspaper clipping that mentions a Hiroko jacket and skirt.

Walter Holmes

This folder contains a biography of London designer Walter Holmes, 2 copies of "Designer's Hotes on his Fall '65 Collection by Walter Holmes," and a newspaper clipping announcing the Fall 1965 collection.

Carol Horn

This folder contains 2 copies of a press release announcing that designer Carol Horn now has her own company, Carol Horn's Habitat, and a black and white 8x10 portrait of the designer.

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