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Fashion photography
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Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

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  • 1863-1935

Collection is comprised of model photographs, sketches, photographs of sketches, show programs, some newspaper and magazine clippings with articles about or by Lucile, order forms, advertisements, and fashion plates. Garment designs include theatrical costumes, wedding gowns, day and evening wear, tea gowns, lingerie and pajamas. Bulk of the collection consists of model photographs, fashion sketches, photographs of sketches and official phototransfers. In addition there are clippings of articles from different publications written by or about Lucile, she wrote regular columns for Hearst publications. Programs for the "Model Parades" introducing lines of clothing for several years. There are some photographs of Lucile's clients, and photographs of "Rose room" interiors of Lucile. Ltd from New York and Chicago locations. Inspirational and reference materials collected by Lucile and/or her staff, mainly fashion plates and newspaper clippings from different publications. Dates range from the early 1910s to the mid 1920s. Model photographs were glued in large format (12-14"w to 16-18"h) standard, blank books to order, referred throughout this finding aid as scrapbooks; there are 12 volumes in the collection. Bulk of original drawings that are arranged according to the type of clothing are loose, drawn on a heavy weight board; sketches for 1916 and 197-18 lines were glued into scrapbooks; there are 12 volumes of original drawings and 2 volumes of photographs and phototransfers. It is possible that two types of arrangement seen throughout the collection (most of Model photographs chronologically, most of sketches by type of clothing) are due to different purpose these materials served; sketches of period gowns or theatrical costumes could have been referred to time and time again for different productions or themed social events, whereas model photographs would have documented actual creation of such a garment at a certain point in time. It is also not clear why, but some scrapbooks with model photographs are reproduced in complete entirety, using same photo session materials some fully annotated.

Lucile, 1862-1935

COTY-AFCA 1944 winners

This folder contains press releases, and designer bios for Claire McCardell, Sally Victor, and Phelps Associates. Also includes are 8x10" black and white headshots of Elizabeth Phelps, Sally Victor and a studio shot of two Adrian evening gowns.

COTY-AFCA 1945 winners

This folder contains 8x10" headshots and designer biographies for Gilbert Adrian, Tina Leser, and Emily Wilkens. One 8x10" black and white studio photo of an day suit by Hattie Carnegie.

COTY- AFCA 1947 winners

This folder contains press releases for the 1947 COTY award winners: Nettie Rosenstein, Jacob Horowitz and Mark Mooring as well as 8x10" black and white press photos and negatives of Nettie Rosenstein jewelry.

COTY miscellaneous, 1949-1984

This folder contains press clippings, list of award winners, press releases, 8x10" black and white press photos some with press releases attached for Mainbocher, Oscar de la Renta, Geoffrey Beene, Christian Dior NY, Rudi Gernreich, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Bonnie Cashin, Pierre Cardin and portraits of Mainbocher and Bonnie Cashin. One black and white photo of Salvador Dali and his wife with Cecil Beaton at a gallery opening of his work.

American Designer Showings Fall 1979 (non-client)

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the Fall 1979 collection of John Anthony, Adri, Richard Assatly, Pauline Trigere, Bill Blass, Celanese Fibers, De Beers, Cesarani, Charles of the Ritz, Formfit Rogers, Halston, Intercoiffure America, Mary McFadden, Adele Simpson, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Kasper for J.L. Sport,

American Designer Showings Spring 1980

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the Spring 1980 collections of Halston, Adele Simpson, Dominic Rompollo, Jordan Sachs, Christian Rupert, Kasper for Joan Leslie, Formfit Rogers, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Rieko, Giorgio Sant'Angelo, Joseph Gargiulo for Abe Schrader, Mary McFadden, Intercoiffure America, Manya Kahn,

American Designer Showings Fall 1980 (non-client)

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the collections of Pauline Trigere, John Anthony, Bill Blass, Dimitri, Betty Hanson, Halston, Albert Capraro, Regina Kravitz, Mary McFadden, Luigi's Fashions Ltd., Albert Nipon, Intercoiffure America, Fashion Accessories Designers Association, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Kasper for Joan Leslie, and Bill Atkinson.

American Designer Showings Fall 1981

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the Fall 1981 collections of Leal, Mary McFadden, Yonson Pak, Pendleton, Joseph Garguilo for Abe Schroeder, Halston, Smith-Kollmar, Aimee Blacker for Stanley Blacker, John Anthony, Adri, and Julio.

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