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1992 April

This folder contains a column on French, American and Italian fashion designers and black and white photocopies of photos of ensembles by Calvin Klein, Josie Natori and one 8x10" black and white photo of lingerie by Josie Natori.

1992 August

This folder contains a column about breasts and black and white photos of lingerie by Olga, ensemble by Debra Moises and black and white photocopies of photo of bridal gown by Adrienne Vittadini.

1992 June

This folder contains a column on lingerie and Catherine di Montezemolo and photos of lingerie by di Montezemolo, some with press releases attached, and reproductions of sketches of di Montezemolo's designs by fashion illustrator Steven Stipelman.

1992 November

This folder contains a column on Madonna's influence on fashion and black and white photos of lingerie by Emmanuel Ungaro and one Styletalk column.

1993 April

This folder contains a column on the Costume Institute exhibition "Infra-Apparel" and black and white photos of historic lingerie and lingerie ensembles by Josie Natori and Ungaro, some with press releases attached and black and white photocopies of a photo of lingerie by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Frances Neady collection of original fashion illustrations, 1913-

  • US NNFIT SC.187
  • Coleção
  • 1913-

The Frances Neady collection of Original Fashion Illustrations was established in 1984 to honor its namesake, an inspirational teacher of fashion illustration. The collection encompasses over a century of fashion art. Its earliest example, a watercolor by Pierre Brissaud for Gazette du Bon Ton, is dated 1913; its most recent donation is by contemporary artist Ruben Toledo. Among other stars represented in the collection are Eric (Carl Erickson), René Bouché, Dorothy Hood, George Stavrinos, and Antonio (Lopez). Donations to the collection come from artists, collectors, and industry professionals. The donated works fulfill criteria established by the Neady Collection Advisory Board, which acknowledges artists who exhibit high standards of draftsmanship and esthetic quality, demonstrate an individual approach, possess technical virtuosity, have worked for high-end magazines, stores or corporations, and have earned the admiration of their peers. The Frances Neady collection’s mission is to encourage and facilitate research by students and industry professionals in the art of fashion illustration. The collection presents a graphic record of the art’s evolution since the 1910s. In addition, it provides a vivid cultural and visual reflection of its time.

Neady Collection Advisory Board

July 1-2, 1995

This folder contains a column on lingerie and black and white photos of lingerie by Olga, Josie Natori and black and white photocopies of photos of lingerie by Fernando Sanchez.

July 12-13, 1997

This folder contains a column on Fernando Sanchez and lingerie and dresses by Sanchez, some with press releases attached, and a black and white portrait of Sanchez.

July, August, September 1986

This folder contains articles written for a syndicated column in July, August and September of 1986. Included are over 30 8x10 black and white photographs including the subjects of, Ralph Lauren, Adele Simpson, Halston, Bill Blass, Fur collections, Valentino, the Haute Couture shows, Coats, Fashionable Lingerie, Loungewear, Designer Coats, and Famous Females Gardening.

Lingerie advertisements, 1906-1930

  • US NNFIT SC.173
  • Coleção
  • 1906-1930

Advertisements for lingerie, corsets, and brassieres ranging in size from 26 x 31 to 28 x 53 cm. Includes advertisements from 1906 to the 1930s.


Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

  • Coleção
  • 1863-1935

Collection is comprised of model photographs, sketches, photographs of sketches, show programs, some newspaper and magazine clippings with articles about or by Lucile, order forms, advertisements, and fashion plates. Garment designs include theatrical costumes, wedding gowns, day and evening wear, tea gowns, lingerie and pajamas. Bulk of the collection consists of model photographs, fashion sketches, photographs of sketches and official phototransfers. In addition there are clippings of articles from different publications written by or about Lucile, she wrote regular columns for Hearst publications. Programs for the "Model Parades" introducing lines of clothing for several years. There are some photographs of Lucile's clients, and photographs of "Rose room" interiors of Lucile. Ltd from New York and Chicago locations. Inspirational and reference materials collected by Lucile and/or her staff, mainly fashion plates and newspaper clippings from different publications. Dates range from the early 1910s to the mid 1920s. Model photographs were glued in large format (12-14"w to 16-18"h) standard, blank books to order, referred throughout this finding aid as scrapbooks; there are 12 volumes in the collection. Bulk of original drawings that are arranged according to the type of clothing are loose, drawn on a heavy weight board; sketches for 1916 and 197-18 lines were glued into scrapbooks; there are 12 volumes of original drawings and 2 volumes of photographs and phototransfers. It is possible that two types of arrangement seen throughout the collection (most of Model photographs chronologically, most of sketches by type of clothing) are due to different purpose these materials served; sketches of period gowns or theatrical costumes could have been referred to time and time again for different productions or themed social events, whereas model photographs would have documented actual creation of such a garment at a certain point in time. It is also not clear why, but some scrapbooks with model photographs are reproduced in complete entirety, using same photo session materials some fully annotated.

Duff Gordon, Lucy, Lady

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