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United States Twentieth century
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Symposium records

This folder includes digital copies of the papers and presentations delivered at the 2020 Symposium, which occurred completely online due to restrictions placed upon students and faculty due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, 2020. The names of the presenters and the title of their presentations contained in this folder are:

  • Bobbi Wall - "Ruth Reeves’ Lasting Imprint on Modern American Fashion"
  • Anna Lucia Uihlein: "Louella Ballerino: Fashioning California"
  • Brynnea Irvine: "The Fall of Luxury: The Forgotten History of Farquharson & Wheelock"
  • Molly Hartvigsen: "Tobé-Coburn School for Fashion Careers"
  • Brigid Gerstenecker: "Elizabeth Hawes: Mass Production for the Millions?"

Sally Victor collection, 1930s-1960s

  • US NNFIT SC.382
  • Coleção
  • 1930s-1960s

This collection is comprised of 46 folders containing primarily black and white photographs depicting clothed women wearing Victor's hats (1930's to 1960's).

Victor, Sally, 1905-1977

American Designer Showings Fall 1981

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the Fall 1981 collections of Leal, Mary McFadden, Yonson Pak, Pendleton, Joseph Garguilo for Abe Schroeder, Halston, Smith-Kollmar, Aimee Blacker for Stanley Blacker, John Anthony, Adri, and Julio.

American Designer Showings Fall 1980 (non-client)

This folder contains 8x10 black and white press photos with press releases attached for the collections of Pauline Trigere, John Anthony, Bill Blass, Dimitri, Betty Hanson, Halston, Albert Capraro, Regina Kravitz, Mary McFadden, Luigi's Fashions Ltd., Albert Nipon, Intercoiffure America, Fashion Accessories Designers Association, Kasper for J.L. Sport, Kasper for Joan Leslie, and Bill Atkinson.

American Designer Showings, color slides, 1980

This folder contains color slides of studio photographs of garments from 1980 by Anthony, Blass, Brooks, Blassport, apraro, Cashin, Dimitri, Halston, Hansen, Kasper, Luigi, Myles, ipon, Parnis, Pollock Ship N'Shore, Sayers, Rupert, Sidel, Silverman, Sant'Angelo, Rupert, Simpson, Tice and Trigere.

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