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Academic Affairs records Marketing
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Cosmetics & Toiletries - Chanel, 1977-1993

Promotional materials concerning cosmetics and toiletries produced by Chanel, Inc., as well as four photocopied articles concerning Chanel, pasted and laminated, primarily from Product Marketing.

Cosmetics & Toiletries - Mary Kay, 1973-1988

Photocopied, pasted, and laminated articles and excerpts from business texts concerning Mary Kay Cosmetics, including articles from Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Folder also contains promotional and industry materials produced by Mary Kay, including memoranda, an annual report, and a "beauty consultant agreement" form.

Cosmetics & Toiletries - Revlon I, 1975-1986

Photocopied, pasted and laminated articles concerning Revlon, including articles from Advertising Age and Cosmetic World News. Folder also contains a business research report by First Boston Corporation and a Revlon press release, as well as a 1986 Beauty Fashion article about five FIT students awarded for their entries in Revlon's "The Ultimate Idea" contest.

Leather II, 1980-1991

Photocopied, pasted, and laminated articles concerning the leather industry and trade, especially from Footwear News. Folder also contains two booklets of annual U.S. Leather Industries Statistics as well as two examples of the Leather Apparel Association's guidelines for manufacture and care.

Eve Pollack interview, 1995 March 6

Chair of the Marketing Department at the time of this interview, Eve Pollack explains the educational and professional trajectories that led her to a position at FIT in 1978. As her father was a textile converter, Eve found a career in buying haute couture to be a natural fit. She worked in the financial sector as well before being offered an adjunct position teaching a class called “Introduction to the Fashion Business,” at FIT. Pollack discusses the changes she has witnessed in both the student body and the industry itself. She explains her philosophy on the pedagogy of marketing and how Marvin Feldman came to appoint her head of the Fashion Buying and Merchandising Department (FBM). Pollack then discusses linkages to the marketing industry as well as connections with other schools who send her students. As faculty adviser to the Merchandise Management Society, Pollack has set up an affiliation with the American Marketing Association. Each year the association puts on a competition in New Orleans, and Pollack’s students have won several times. Pollack talks about the upper division of FIT’s Marketing Department and how it has come to be recognized as a viable business school. She emphasizes that the future of marketing education is general and addresses all aspects of the industry. Pollack mentions a close relationship with John Pomerantz, who was on the board at the time, and talks about utilizing professional connections to find exemplary adjunct professors. Finally, she discusses the state of marketing in fashion as international sourcing increases and closes with a run down of her current faculty and students.

Pollack, Eve

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