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Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010
US NNFIT SC.125 · Collection · 1826-2010

This collection contains scrapbooks and company records related to the Lord and Taylor department stores, primarily focused on the original stores in New York City. The scrapbook series consists of unbound pages of newspaper and magazine clippings of Lord and Taylor stores in New York City and the greater New York Area. Company records include advertising, photographs and illustrations of Lord and Taylor buildings, company catalogs, press releases and clippings, as well as internal company histories authored by Lord and Taylor. A small subseries relates to biographical information and photographs of former Lord and Taylor president Dorothy Shaver.

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Receipts, 1860-1880
US NNFIT SC.125.2.3 · sub-series · 1860 - 1880
Fait partie de Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010

This series consists of a single folder contains miscellaneous receipts from milliners and dry goods stores in New York City. Two receipts are from Lord and Taylor.

Correspondence, 1860-2010
US NNFIT SC.125.2.4 · sub-series · 1860 - 2010
Fait partie de Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010

This folder contains copies of partnership and loan agreements from 1879, correspondence pertaining to the 1926 Centennial and a list of supporting banks dating back to 1914 (list created in 1926).

Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964
US NNFIT SC.217 · Collection · 1865 - 1964

Documents and data related to Edward Moir in his roles as businessman and political activist for the interests of the Carded Woolen Manufactures' Association. However some of the items were collected after Moir's death, and relate mostly to the later years of the mill he ran.

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Edward Moir, 1865-1932
US NNFIT SC.217.1 · Série organique · 1865 - 1932
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

This series contains items that were created during Edward Moir's lifetime and were likely collected by Moir. See also US.NNFIT.SC.217.2.4 which contains photos of Crown Woolen Mills over the years.

US NNFIT SC. · volume · 1865 - 1908
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

One large bound volume with papers related to the National Association of Wool Manufacturers. A small front section is titled "Objects and Plan of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers. Its Organization, Articles of Association, and By-Laws. A List of Its Officers and Members and the Proceedings of Its Government." The majority of the book is composed of the Bulletin for the Association. In the back of the book is an index for the Bulletin. It is not known if Moir had an affiliation with this organization, or if he owned the volume as reference on earlier writings by a wool manufacturer organization.

US NNFIT SC.214.7.48 · folder · 1869-1959
Fait partie de Eleanor Lambert collection, 1942-2003

This folder contains a miscellaneous selection of fashion photos featuring the work of Hardy Amies, Norman Hartnell, Charles James, Simonetta, Jean Louis, Christian Dior-NY, Castillo, Ben Zuckerman, Judy 'n Jill, photographic reproductions of 19th century illustrations, and photocopies of 19th century photographs with handwritten notes.

Mill management
US NNFIT SC.217.1.1 · sub-series · 1870 - 1873
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

This sub-series contains items that were produced as a result of Edward Moir's work as a manager and president of Wool Mills. Most of it relates to Crown Woolen Mills (particularly mill appraisals), but there are some items that relate to earlier jobs he held at other mills. See also US.NNFIT.SC.217.2.4 which contains photos of Crown Woolen Mills over the years.

Internal Company History, 1880-2000
US NNFIT SC.125.2.7 · sub-series · 1880 - 2000
Fait partie de Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010

This subseries contains Booklets and internal press coverage on Lord and Taylor's history. Booklets cover the timeline of Lord and Taylor, various buildings occupied in New York, Dorothy Shaver, and corporation meetings.

Other papers, 1884-1932
US NNFIT SC. · folder · 1884 - 1932
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

This folder contains a short biography of Edward Moir, and a copy of a 1884 letter to Moir, signed by several overseers at the Cornwall Manufacturing Company, expressing their regret that he is leaving the mill.

Miscellaneous items, 1886-1913
US NNFIT SC. · folder · 1886 - 1913
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

This folder contains samples of Crown Mills letterhead, tracts and pamphlets related to the wool industry, a sheet of tariff statistics, a political cartoon, a copy of document from another mill, and a list of wool mills.

Post-Moir records, 1886-1964
US NNFIT SC.217.2 · Série organique · 1886 - 1964
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

The items in this series all relate to Edward Moir and Crown Mills after Moir's death. See also US.NNFIT.SC., which contains a few items about the 1961 liquidation of Crown Mills.

Photographs, 1886-1961
US NNFIT SC.217.2.4 · folder · 1886 - 1961
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

Most of the photographs are of the Crown Woolen Mills over various years. The negative is of Edward Moir and one of the photos is of his son John M. Moir. The photos each have descriptions written on the back, and while some were taken in the late 19th century, most of the prints appear to have been made around the same time (roughly the 1960s).

May Connor papers, 1890-1915
US NNFIT SC.218 · Collection · 1890-1915

Contains 61 fragile articles of correspondence from the 1890s, graduation announcement, poem-prayer book, pressed flowers, wedding invitations, 2 book marks, 2 spools of thread, 1 round silk or satin rigid ribbon, and photograph. Publications include E. Marcus Reynolds: Joy Taylor System; Teacher's College: The Domestic Art Review 1909; Boston Dress Cutting College, Directions for Harriet A Brown's Scientific Rules; Unity Union SS Library Catalogue of Books; National School Domestic Arts and Science brochure; Dormitory brochure; The Model House brochure.

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US NNFIT SC.187.1.310 · Pièce · 20th century
Fait partie de Frances Neady collection of original fashion illustrations, 1913-

Figure facing forward, wearing coat with sunglasses. Black and white with leopard type print. Trench coat with flare bottom. Graphite or grey charcoal with black and white gouache. Covered by mylar and black paper. Back side writing: Nordstrom's. Front Signed Donovan. writing: 3/17 bja gallery Lori (in blue pen) also on front.

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Lingerie advertisements, 1906-1930
US NNFIT SC.173 · Collection · 1906-1930

Advertisements for lingerie, corsets, and brassieres ranging in size from 26 x 31 to 28 x 53 cm. Includes advertisements from 1906 to the 1930s.

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Wool tariff and wool labeling, 1902-1928
US NNFIT SC. · volume · 1909 - 1925
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

From the front page: "A collection of 172 statements published since January, 1909, for the purpose of securing wise legislation affecting the production and distribution of wool and wool goods. 1-120 Wool Tariff, 121-138 Wool Labeling, 139-159 Textile Miscellany. Supplement 160-172 Wool and Textile Miscellany by various writers."

Cancelled checks, 1870-1873
US NNFIT SC. · folder · 1909
Fait partie de Edward Moir collection, 1865-1964

Cancelled checks in a Crown Mills envelope. Typed on outside of envelope: "Edward Moir: Old checks from one of his previous mills, in Peterborough, Ont. Canada. William Paton was his partner. Paton, Moir, & Co. and Auburn Mills are the same."