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Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010
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Events and Promotions, 1968-2002

This sub sub series contains company records relating to Lord and Taylor events and promotions from the 1960s to the 2000s. Several folders relate to specific events, including Press kits, photographs, invitations and clippings. Several folders contain more general press releases and invites, as well as photographs relating to unknown promotional events and parties.

Irish Linen Derby, April-May1968

This folder contains invitations, press clippings and advertising, Press releases, correspondence, and event photographs related to the Irish Linen Derby Promotion at Lord and Taylor

Scrapbooks, 1932-1985

This series consists of scrapbooks of Lord and Taylor, primarily clippings relating to advertising and illustration. Includes some instances of photographs, invitations and promotional materials. Many of the scrapbooks relate to specific Lord and Taylor suburb branches, but not all were originally indicated.

Oversized Photographs, circa 1915

This folder contains six pictures of the same man, possible a descendent of Lord and Taylor, one picture relating to the transcontinental Telephone system, as well as one framed picture of New York City Street.

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