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Administrative records

Documents describing the planning, formation, and implementation of various oral history projects administrated by the FIT Library and other FIT departments. Includes meeting minutes, class documents from John Touhey's oral history studies, histories, and documentation. Bulk of the content relates to the Oral History Project of the Fashion Industries series within the Oral History collection.


This series is comprised of in-progress design sketchbook pages ranging from 1982 to 2018, some undated. The folder also includes draft sketches, final sketches, published sketchbooks and oversized sketches.


This series is comprised of miscellaneous loose press ranging from 1984-2011 relating to George Simonton's fashion business.

Oral History Project of the Fashion Industries

The Oral History Project of the Fashion Industries began informally in the late 1970s, and was officially funded by a grant from the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries beginning in 1981. The project was guided by an industry advisory committee chaired by Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, Jr., and was largely guided by then director of the Gladys Marcus Library at FIT, John Touhey.

Ford Models oral history series, 2010-2011

Oral history interviews conducted on the east and west coasts between 2010 and 2011 with models, bookers, and other Ford Modeling Agency personnel, which document the modeling industry as it affects the fashion and beauty industry.


This series is comprised of miscellaneous scrapbooks that highlight major press coverage and other photographs relating to George Simonton's fashion design work.

Fragrance Foundation oral history series, 1993 and 1996

Interviews conducted by Estelle Ellis in 1993 on the occasion of the 1993 awards dinner in honor of Annette Green and the Fragrance Foundation, benefitting the educational foundation for the fashion industries. Interviews were conducted with key individuals involved in the fragrance industry including Annette Green (President, Fragrance Foundation), James Preston (Chairman, Avon Products), Lawrence Aiken (President and CEO, Sanofi Beaute), Dr. Fernando Aleu (President, Compar), Eugene Grisanti (Chairman, President and CEO, International Flavors & Fragrances), Jeanette Wagner (President, Estee Lauder), Burton Tansky, (Chairman, Bergdorf Goodman), Rosemarie Bravo (President, Saks Fifth Avenue).

Bergdorf Goodman oral history, 1977 and 1994, bulk 1994

With an interview of Andrew Goodman conducted by Bob Riley in 1977 as the root, Estelle Ellis and Valerie Steele extended this oral history of Bergdorf Goodman in 1997 by interviewing others who worked for Bergdorf Goodman and knew Andrew Goodman.

The Bloomingdale's interviews, 1986 November 5-1987 January 16

This series consists of 14 oral history interviews, which discuss the history of Bloomingdale's, President Marvin Traub, as well as the store's current status and future plans. Interviews were conducted between November, 1986 and January 1987 by Estelle Ellis.


This series is comprised of predominantly personal 5x7 photographs from George Simonton's time teaching at FIT, as well as images from exhibitions, actress Greta Garbo, and business related images.


This series is comprised of reference materials including museum and exhibition brochures, fashion calendars, and reference from brands such as Sacha Pacha.

FIT Talks oral history series, 2014-

FIT Talks is an oral history program of the Fashion Institute of Technology/State University of New York. It documents personal accounts and experiences of people relevant to the College and to the industries that support - and are supported by - the College’s curricula. The program incorporates the most suitable technologies for the capture and provision of content and, with the guidance of an advisory board, the strategic addition of new subjects to the collection. The collection is administered by the Special Collections and College Archives, a unit of the Gladys Marcus Library.


This series is comprised of personal and QVC related correspondence relating to George Simonton and his brand as well as personal relations.


This series is comprised of medals, certificates, and information about awards received by George Simonton, including his QVC Rising Star Award.


This series is comprised of QVC television channel materials for George Simonton including sales, collections, and other related documents.

FIT 50th Anniversary oral history series, 1994-1996

Oral history interviews conducted by Carol Poll, a sociologist and sociology professor at FIT, of various FIT professors and administrators between the years of 1994-1996 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the college.

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