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Directional folder x03
US NNFIT SC. · folder · 1920s
Parte de Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Directional folder contains 51 black and white photocopies of Coats and Wraps sketches from 1920's. Original sketches are glued in the 1916 scrapbook [SEE--US.NNFIT.SC. for originals]. Sketches come from Berley Studios (subscription service), signature of Ethel Rabin can be seen on some, but for the most part the Berley Studios imprint is covered by that of Lucile Ltd., in some cases the signature of Ethel Rabin (of Berley Studios) is scratched out or otherwise obscured. They seem to be color phototransfers, not original drawings.

No Mend
US NNFIT SC.427.undated · Item · undated
Parte de No Mend Hosiery, Inc. historical forecasts

1 book, undated, containing color, themes, fabric swatches, shoes, gloves and hosiery trends.

Sem título
US NNFIT SC.1.3.copies · folder · 1910s
Parte de Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Photocopies of items missing from "The Ideal Scrapbook" housed in slipcase 15. There are photocopies of covers from programs that are not present in the scrapbook, such as Lucile, Ltd. Fall 1918 and Spring 1915 covers. There are also photocopies of an article entitled "My Diary", a photocopy of a cover of "Les Ides Novelles de la Mode", and a photocopy of an article from February 17, 1918.

Photocopies of Articles about Lady Duff Gordon, f.3of4
US NNFIT SC. · folder · 1910s, 1925
Parte de Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Photocopies of articles written about Lady Duff Gordon dating as far back as 1910, all of the originals of which are housed in "The Ideal Scrapbook". Among them a photocopy of Women's Wear Daily, Dec. 22, 1925 spread with article on furs.

Clippings of Newspaper articles and photocopies, 1918-1925
US NNFIT · sub-series · 1918-1925
Parte de Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Bound scrapbook with articles written by Lady Duff Gordon or about Lucile, Ltd. from 1919, and 4 folder of photocopies of these articles to protect against further deterioration. Articles are the product of a clipping service with multiple copies of the same few articles from different publications.