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Photographs, Personalities, circa 1915-1919
US NNFIT SC. · sub-sub-series · 1915-1919
Parte de Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Disbound scrapbook, 41 photographs of society women and/or actresses of theatrical garments. Most of the names that are written on the backs of the photographs or the scrapbook pages are listed here: Kitty Gordon, Eleanor Griffith, Dorothy Dickson, Annette Bade, Pearl White, Kathlyn Martyn, Mes. Philip Hummel, Francine Larrimore, Dorothy Shoemaker, inscription 'Mis Vivian Martin - star of "Just Married" '. Photographs by S.A. Johnston and Joel Feder. Further research is needed to determine the role and prominence of these women in the world of theater or society they were part of. [MOVED in from old-US.NNFIT.SC. - 3 photographs of actresses - (1) Kitty Gordon and (2) Bertha Kalich (aka Kalish) dedicated to McHorter, and (3) famous Irene Castle dedicated to Mr. Tolman (Manager of Lucile Ltd. of New York)]

Phototransfers of sketches, 1910s, #1
US NNFIT SC. · sub-sub-series · 1910s
Parte de Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

From 2 disbound scrapbooks, 211 phototransfers of sketches. Both of the scrapbooks were from from mid 1910's. Items in folders 1 and 2 are original to this location: 128 photographs of sketches, 10 official Lucile phototransfers of sketches, and a Christmas card illustrated with a Lucile sketch. Some prints occur repeatedly. Those dated are from 1916, some have prices. Phototransfers bare embossed Lucile, Ltd. Paris stamp. There is also a Christmas card from 1909

Phototransfers of sketches, 1910s, #2
US NNFIT SC. · sub-sub-series · 1910s
Parte de Lucile, Ltd. records, 1910-1925

Disbound scrapbook, 211 photographs of early [Old Lucile] sketches and 30 official Lucile phototransfers of sketches in 3 folders. In the enclosing slipcase is a folder with a loose photograph of a sketch. First sketch is a drawing of an evening gown designed by Lucile and photo-transferred onto glossy paper. Second sketch is for an evening gown, drafted in pencil and painted with gouache on transparent paper. Some of the items in this scrapbook have fabric swatches attached, and marks where the ones lost were glued. Among models: #67 "Celendine", #54 "Yussef", most of the titles appear of official phototransfers. Many items dated 1916, some with more precise dates. In the last folder US.NNFIT.SC. first picture is of a modeled complete garment, not a sketch.

Commencement programs, 1946-2018
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · sub-sub-series · 1946-2018
Parte de Institutional Advancement and External Relations records

The commencement programs document the order of exercises and the names of graduates, including which graduates received honors or awards. Starting in 2003, the programs also include a history of the academic costume, and starting in 2011, the programs include a letter from the current president of the college, the history of the college and its commencement traditions, and a message from the office of alumni relations. From 2011 to 2015, the programs include short biographies of the guest speakers and honorees. In 1946, commencement included the student fashion show.

Commencement programs from 1947-1951 and 1953-1955 are not included.

Yearbook: Portfolio, 1946-2012
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · sub-sub-series · 1946-2012
Parte de Enrollment Management and Student Success records

The yearbooks document F.I.T.'s graduating class, academic programs, and student life. The yearbooks also often document F.I.T.'s faculty and administration. The yearbooks may include a message from the current president of the college, students' artwork and writing, and images of student fashion shows. Some yearbooks describe recent developments of the college or provide a broad history of the college. The yearbook was titled Portfolio, starting in 1961.

FIT Oral histories project
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · sub-sub-series · 1967-2023
Parte de Academic Affairs records

This collection is comprised of oral history interviews with prominent twentieth- and twenty-first-century fashion industry businesspeople, designers, and artists, as well as members of the FIT faculty and staff.

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Events and Promotions, 1968-2002
US NNFIT SC. · sub-sub-series · 1968 - 2002
Parte de Lord & Taylor collection, 1826-2010

This sub sub series contains company records relating to Lord and Taylor events and promotions from the 1960s to the 2000s. Several folders relate to specific events, including Press kits, photographs, invitations and clippings. Several folders contain more general press releases and invites, as well as photographs relating to unknown promotional events and parties.

Philanthropic Donations, 1974-2008
US NNFIT SC.424.2.1.2 · sub-sub-series · 1974-2008
Parte de Pauline Trigère collection, 1939-2008

This sub-sub-series is comprised of the philanthropic donations of Pauline Trigère to various museums and college institutions. There are photographic images, fashion sketches and correspondence related to the donated items.

George Simonton records
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · sub-sub-series · 1978-2018
Parte de Academic Affairs records

This collection is comprised of original sketches and photographs, business and promotional materials, and materials related to the fashion career of George Simonton as well as his work at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Symposia records
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · sub-sub-series · 2005-2022
Parte de Academic Affairs records

This collection includes the records for the annual day long Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice Symposium. Each year a theme is selected and the graduate students present papers relating to the theme. Included are students papers, print version of their presentations, advertising materials for the symposium, and schedule of events. Further accruals are expected.

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FIT Library Marketing Files, 1949-1995
US NNFIT SC.FITA. · sub-sub-series · 1949-1995
Parte de Academic Affairs records

The Marketing Files were a unique research collection created and originally kept in the library's former Vertical Files unit. They were popular resources for researchers before the internet dominated such searches. The files were largely composed of thousands of articles related to the business and marketing side of the fashion industry that were clipped, photocopied, pasted, or laminated by the Vertical Files staff. They also included promotional and informational materials such as pamphlets, booklets, press kits, annual reports, financial reports, industry studies, and catalogs. These collected materials are grouped chronologically within each folder, and the folders are arranged alphabetically by company within each alphabetical topic. These topics include the apparel industry, cosmetics and toiletries, furs, leather, licensing, and retail stores. The dates of these collected materials range from 1949 to 1995. (The Vertical Files unit was closed in January, 1996.) Upon introduction to the College Archives these folders filled 131 archival boxes, but those have been weeded for online redundancy and condition. The remaining hard-to-find materials are now housed in 44 boxes containing 201 folders. These files might appeal to students of Fashion Business Management, Global Fashion Management, and International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries who are researching the history of various aspects of the industry.

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